10 Things to Never Say to Your Makeup Artist

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Having your personal makeup artist is a great thing; half your problems are sorted when you go to one who is more like your best friend. A personal MUA can be your go-to person whether you want to try a new look, or are planning specialized makeup for an event. But when you don’t have a makeup artist you trust, you might have to be a little cautious with your words. That is one of the most crucial steps in getting your bridal makeup right. Today we have prepared a list of things you should never say to your MUA. These are things you must definitely avoid if you want a mutually beneficial relationship with her/him.

10 things not to say to your makeup artist

1. Can you do it for free?

You cannot ask your MUA or anyone to offer their service for free. No matter how little they have to do or how new they are in the profession, they must be paid what they deserve.

2. Can you make me look like (insert the name of you favorite Bollywood actor)?

Changing someone’s entire appearance is not the job of a makeup artist, it’s the job of plastic surgeons.

3. Can you do it fast? I am in a hurry.

Every MUA has mastered certain time frame within which they tend to finish a complete makeup. If you cannot give them that time then you cannot expect the same result.

4. Some other MUA has done a better job

It is considered being rude to compare the work of a makeup person with another one. If you are not happy with the result then you can definitely share your feedback, but negative comparison is not a wise thing to do.

5. No need to prepare the skin, just do the makeup

Always remember that the basic skincare preparation is done to protect your skin. Primer and moisturizer are used for a reason. Not doing that can only harm your skin.

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6. I only use a certain brand

While the brand you use is a good brand, an experienced makeup artist can get the best out of every brand for their clients. So you cannot expect them to carry the products from only one brand. They are MUAs, not brand ambassadors.

7. You are not doing it right. Do it this way.

They are professionals. They know how to do their job in the best way possible. Interfering with their business can only irk them.

8. Are you certified in Cosmetology?

No, every makeup artist need not be a cosmetologist in order to be in the business. However, it is absolutely fine to ask her/him about the courses he/she has done as well as past experience in the field.

9. Can you help my (insert random relatives) also?

That is one major problem in India- we expect our MUAs to do the makeup of the entire clan without charging anything extra.

10. My friend would like to make some suggestions

Maybe, your friend is a professional MUA too. But when you have hired your MUA, you are supposed to trust them and their skills entirely.

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