10 Unexpected Wedding Costs to Account for in Your Budget

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If you have been thinking that you have sorted your wedding budget already, think again. There are many hidden costs which make budget planning the trickiest part of coming up with a wedding budget. Such hidden/unexpected costs also make it difficult sticking to one’s budget. Therefore, it helps to be aware of these unforeseen expenditures. Listed below are 10 hidden costs you must ensure including in your wedding budget.

10 Unexpected wedding costs to account for in your budget

1. Beauty Treatments

You might have already set aside a budget for a bridal beauty package. But, what about those beauty treatments you are going to need throughout the month before wedding? Those regular pedicure/manicure or even a body massage could cost you quite a bit. And these are definitely necessary if you want to look photo-ready!

2. Bachelorette Party

These days, bachelorette parties are as important as the big day. If you are planning to throw a bash in a 5 star hotel or take your buddies a foreign trip, it can cost you a small fortune. So, do include these things in your wedding budget right from the beginning.

3. Marriage Registration

Marriage registration cost in India is pretty negligible, but if you want the event at  your home then you need to include the fees of the marriage registrar, transportation as well as refreshments for the registrar, witnesses and other present guests.

4. Postage

Before choosing the invitation, make sure you weigh it properly. Because a card with heavy designs and work will come with higher postage charges. Now, imagine how much it will cost you to send the cards across India or abroad.

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5. Miscellaneous 

You might have forgotten certain wedding accessories or even misplaced them. This will cause you or someone from your bridal party to rush and buy that item at the last moment. So, keep aside an amount for these things beforehand.

6. Dress Alterations

It could be your wedding gown, your wedding shoes or other accessories which may need alterations. It is tough to guess how many times you have to pay a visit to the store for changes. Now, that’s a cost you have to account for in your wedding budget.

unexpected wedding costs

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7. Dresses for Pre-wedding Occasions

You have bought all those lehengas, sarees or salwar suits for the wedding day and the post-wedding period. But, what about hundreds of parties and invitations you are supposed to go to before wedding? Aren’t you going to need dresses for those events as well?

8. Transportation of Guests

Even when the transportation option for guests has already been arranged for, there will still be some unexpected circumstances which will call for unplanned transportation.

9. Unexpected Guests

There’s no wedding on earth which didn’t have unexpected guests. We know that guessing the exact number of them can be quite tricky. Still, you have to do it and have a chat with the caterer.

10. Coordinator for Your Wedding Day

The last thing you’d want to do on your wedding day is picking up calls and coordinating with vendors. People now hire coordinators for that. So, that could be added cost if you haven’t already planned for a wedding planner.

It is always good to be prepared for such unexpected wedding costs to avoid a load of trouble.

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