15 Great Summer Wedding Ideas

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With the glaring sun up in the sky and scorching heat taking a toll everyone, summer weddings in India might not turn as amazing as a summer wedding in the cooler countries. But, since our winters do not last as long, we cannot say ‘No’ to summer weddings. So, how can you make your summer wedding a relaxing and cool event for your guests? How can you keep your guests cheerful despite the relentless heat?

Here are 15 great summer wedding ideas you must try to give everyone a fabulous time…

Great Summer Wedding Ideas

1. Serve iced tea or herbal tea instead of coffee

Help your wedding guests beat the heat by offering them iced or herbal tea instead of usual hot beverages such as tea and coffee  If you are looking for variations then try mint or lime based iced teas. They make perfect cooling summer teas.

2. Use colourful umbrellas

Especially, for the pre-wedding photo ops, umbrellas can come to your rescue. Just because it’s a summer wedding, you cannot setup your pre-wedding shoot inside four walls. But, you don’t want to get the sunburn as well. Pick an ethnic, colourful umbrella and walk the aisle like a princess.

3. A pool party

Planning a pool-side haldi ceremony or sangeet or your super-fun bachelorette party may earn you blessings from all of your guests. Keep the location a surprise for all and watch your guests enjoying an awesome evening.

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4. Include traditional summer drinks

It’s an Indian summer wedding and to make the most of it, include a number of traditional Indian summer drinks to your wedding menu. From lassi to sherbet, from rooh afza to aam ka panna, from fruit juices to thandai, the options can be endless. All you need to do is pick up the top 5/10 and ask your caterer to set up a different Lassi Counter.

5. Give paper fans as return gifts

Do you remember, how many times you thought that you should have bought a paper fan to a summer wedding? Let not your guests pray for the same. Arrange for beautiful paper fans for all your guests. Make sure that they get one each right after entering the venue. These will make nice keepsakes as well.

6. Coconut water stall is a must

Having a coconut stall and serving your guests tender coconut water can be a great way to help them relax and energized once again. Replace cold drinks with coconut water and keep your wedding guests happy and well-hydrated.

summer wedding ideas

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7. Parasols for props

Who does not love these dainty cute mini umbrellas? Yes, we are talking about pretty parasols. Now, while they make absolutely lovely mocktail props, you can make great use of them in your summer wedding too. Whether it’s your pre-wedding outdoor shoot or a haldi photo-op, incorporate beautiful parasols of bright colours. Well, besides adding a colourful touch to your photos, they will keep the sun away, too!

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8. Choose a bright sunny theme colour

If you are going to have a summer wedding then choosing the theme colour can be a daunting task. It will going to be a bright, sunny day and you need to choose a colour that will add to the brightness of the day and the mood without overdoing it. Pastels are quite popular for summer weddings as these colours add vibrancy without getting too flashy whereas red, golden yellow and purple are always a delight in Indian weddings.

9. Include summer fruits in menu

Mangoes, melons, figs, berries, the list can be endless when you it’s about summer fruits in India. While you are busy in the rituals, let others nibble on some fresh fruits. Want to add some fun with fruits? Go for fruit popsicles instead. Fruits are indeed a huge heat in summer weddings in India.

10. Tropical mocktails and summer shakes

We have talked about lassis and sherbets and coconut water, but, there’s still something missing. Yes, a supercool mocktail corner is all you need! Treat your wedding guests with some of the much loved summer mocktails and shakes. Let your guests sip some refreshing mojitos and summer shakes.

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11. Go for seasonal flowers

Talking about summer wedding ideas and not discussing seasonal flowers is a sin. Imagine how genius it would be to have a table centerpiece full of bright summer flowers in a glass bowl filled up with fresh lemon wedges inside! Splash some fresh colours on your wedding decor by incorporating asters, musk roses and marigolds.

12. Let breezy fabrics rule

The last thing you would want is to sweat your makeup off on your wedding day. Neither do you want to feel trapped in some hot chambers wearing those usual heavy wedding dresses. So, in order to keep yourself cool and comfortable throughout the wedding week, choose breezy light fabrics like satin over everything else.

13. A hilly destination wedding

Nothing can be better than planning a summer wedding at some exotic hilltop locale to escape the heat, patchy weather and inevitable exhaustion. Choose a suitable location, take your guests with you up there, set up a wedding and forget about the weather updates.

summer wedding ideas

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14. Play with colours

Whether it’s the dress code of the bridesmaids or the colour of the drapes, go creative with vibrant colours. Remember, brighter, the better! Let your wedding venue look like a beautiful riot of colours.

15. Have fun with water balloons

Plan a water fight with your friends, family and guests before and after the haldi ceremony. Keep the water guns and water balloons ready and have fun throwing waters at each other. We are sure that the guests would not mind some surprise mini water holi on your wedding.

For more summer wedding ideas, keep watching this space.

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