15 Tips For A Perfect First Date

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A first date will have its share of excitement and anxiety-always. You are eager to meet the person you talked over the phone with or have met online, but you don’t want to bore her/him or seal chances of making it to the next date. So, how can one perfect that balancing act where you won’t look too desperate nor too indifferent? Presenting 15 awesome tips and tricks for a perfect first date. Learn how to initiate a conversation, how to keep things flowing and also ways how to end the date on a perfect note….

15 Tips for A Perfect First Date

1. Pick the spot wisely: Choose a spot that is preferred by both. If unsure, ask your date for suggestions. Similarly, if you are planning a movie date, make sure you know the other person’s choice about films as well.

2. Smile: To create a lasting impression, make your first impression memorable. A warm smile is all that you need to greet your date and steal the show. Besides, a smile always makes others feel more comfortable.

3. Be positive: Being positive is the key towards a successful first date. People who are full of optimism are always attractive and good to spend some time with. So, why not send out some positive vibes!

4. Mind your manners: While being chivalrous may sound too medieval for the modern women and men, good manners never fail to impress. Say “Thank you” or “please” whenever needed. That does not mean you cannot goof up or that you make a poker face all throughout the date. Just be yourself and polite.

5. Things not to talk about: Past relationships, religious or political views, or anything too intimate should be avoided at any cost.

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6. Things to talk about: Life, goals, interests, hobbies, food, the place you are at right at that moment, the options are endless. Don’t forget to give your date equal chance to talk too.

7. Flirt a little: Because you are not on a business meeting. Hence, flirting a little is allowed on your first date. For example, compliment your date’s dress or smile or the choice of food. It will show that you are making efforts to know the other person.

8. Flatter with gesture than words: Flatter with gesture than words: Instead of seeking the cliche words or punch lines, use your gesture to show appreciation or flatter your date. For example, if you truly like something about your date, let the appreciation glitter your eyes as well. Remember, action speaks louder than words?

9. Find common grounds: It can be travel, it can be books or classical music or stock exchange or cricket or anything. First date is about discovering the common interests of you two.

10. Proper body language: Our minds always read body language of people around us to plan its next course of actions. While folded arms can send “stay away” signals to your date, leaning in forward over the table can be a clear signal of showing interest.

11. Eye contact: Let your eyes speak. Hold their gaze when they are speaking. It shows you are being attentive. Hold their gaze for a bit too long and you’re flirting successfully.

12. Be your decisive best: Whether it’s about choosing the menu or selecting the desert, voice your opinion clearly. It shows that you don’t shy away from taking decisions of your life which makes you confident and so, attractive in a great way.

13. Read the reactions: Keep a tab on the behaviour and reactions of your date. Pick up the subtle hints, actions and reactions which will give you an insight into how your date is enjoying your company or the conversation. Change your topics accordingly.

14. Disagree but gracefully: Just because you are on a date with the person does not mean you have agree to whatever he/she says. So, disagree, but with grace.

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15. End it well: Whether it’s your last date with the person or not, you wouldn’t want the person remember you in a bitter way. So, try to end the date in a warm and friendly manner.

Most importantly, be yourself! Because that’s the best thing about you. While it is not advisable to open yourself up completely to a stranger, it is also not wise to hold yourself back totally in the fear of being judged by your date. So, be comfortable in your own skin and enjoy the moment.

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