15 Wedding Planning Things Which Can Wait

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Getting engaged is perhaps one of the best times in your life. After all, you have long awaited this moment of your prince charming popping the question and you committing with a blushing nod. And, now that you two are engaged, you cannot wait any longer to announce the big day and jump to the nitty-gritties of wedding planning. All these years of wedding research is finally going to pay off as you know exactly what to buy from where, what has to be on the menu, who should be your designer designer and so on! But wait-You are only just engaged and the wedding is still at least a year away. So, you need not rush about with wedding planning. In fact, there are some things which you can easily save for later while concentrating on the more important tasks to finish first. So, what are the things in wedding planning which can wait?

Here’s 15 Wedding Planning Things Which Can Wait

1. Buying your wedding dress

Before you push your panic button, allow us to let you in on a secret. The more time you take to choose your wedding dress, the better it would be. Yes, being hasty is the last thing you should do when it comes to buying your dream attire. Save this task for the last quarter. Till then you will be more confident about the colours, design etc.

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2. Choosing the bridesmaids

Maybe, you already know who will be your bridesmaids. That’s perfect. But, try to refrain from announcing the bridesmaids right away. You need to check on so many things, from finance to interpersonal relationships shared among the bridesmaids to how to coordinate it all. It’s a big task and will require a lot of planning and observation. Hence, save it for later.

3. Choosing bridesmaids’ dresses

This too can be one of the last things to consider. When you are yet to finalize your list of bridesmaids, there’s no point in choosing their dress colors. Moreover, in all probability, your bridesmaids are also looking forward to be a part of this dress selection process and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them. Furthermore, you must ask them about their choices and liking, and for that you have to schedule a meeting with all. Now, that cannot be hurried.

4. Planning the honeymoon

Only if you are not planning to head for your honeymoon right after the wedding day that is just less than a year away, you don’t need to rush with planning your honeymoon right away. We know how you two have talked about it over and over again and shortlisted all the dream destinations. But, maybe, there’s this hot destination which you have missed back then. So you will still have your chance to make some changes.

5. Choosing playlist for the mehendi night

Because even if you want, you probably cannot join the rehearsals from today. You have always been excited about this and you want to give it your best shot. That’s perfectly alright. But, you have to wrap up a few more important things before you can manage your schedule and start the rehearsals. Till then, you will get enough time to create your final mehendi playlist.

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6. Buying the costume jewellery

These days, almost every bride is known to choose costume jewelry instead of traditional gold on mehendi, reception and even for the wedding. So, if you are also keen on costume jewelry then try not to make a hasty buy on impulse. Since, these days, jewelry comes ready-made, you can even buy it the day before the event. So you have nothing to worry!

7. Buying shoes and accessories

As the shoes and accessories must match the wedding dresses and not otherwise, you have to keep this wedding planning task also for the last quarter. Don’t worry! You will get ample time to do the alters and changes.

8. Choosing the flowers

While booking your florist is one of the most prior wedding planning things, choosing the flowers is not that important to do right after the engagement. What you can do is talk to your florist and send them pinned pictures to give a clear idea of exactly what you want.

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9. Choosing the hair accessories

Before you go and buy the hair accessories, make sure that you have a chat with your hair stylist about the same. Until you get green signal from them along with the necessary suggestions, postpone this particular shopping trip.

10. Other little details

There will be other thousand little details which are way too insignificant to be bothered about right now. For example, the colour of the curtains, seating arrangements, lighting, arrangements to welcome your guests

11. Legal work

We can imagine how you’re dying to add the new surname to your maiden name, change the address in the passport, driving license and other papers. But, you have to wait a little more to complete all the legal works. Save this task post wedding.

12. All the trials

From the dress to hair, makeup, keep all the trials for the last two months. Because not only the trials can be time-consuming, but, you will also become bored wearing the same dress over and over again. So, in order to see yourself in that dream avatar, try to save it for the last month.

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13. Choosing the return gifts

Trust us, planning the guest list can be a real tough task. So, save all your energy for this task first and then whatever energy will be left, you can use it for choosing the return gifts for guests.

14. Thinking about the photo props

Even your pre-wedding photo-op is around a year away. Therefore, don’t lose your sleep over what props to be used. Moreover, let the photographer and the team brainstorm it for you.

15. Packing for your honeymoon

This is also one of the last things to do after the wedding date is set. If you are too anxious then you can note down all the things you are going to need on a paper for now. We also have a handy little honeymoon packing checklist here.

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