Getting Married in Early 2015? 10 Things You Should Be Doing Now!

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If you are tying the knot in between Feb-April 2015, chances are that you are already in the thick of wedding planning. We are sure there is plenty to be done, but worry not: some things can wait and some things simply cannot. To make matters easy, we are presenting a list of 10 things you should be doing now if you are getting married in the Spring of 2015.

  1. Customize your wedding dress

Customizing a stunning wedding lehenga

If you have not done this already, please do it, like today.  If you are confused about the kind of dress to opt for, browse this portal for inspiration- we have tons of it on our blog. Our real wedding section features brides who have used the hottest trends and colours. So go ahead and get inspired!

  1. Book the venue

We are sure your parents have already booked the wedding venue, if not; it is time to do so. Most Indian wedding venues are booked for 6 months to a year in advance-so if you are looking to get married in a popular wedding banquet hall or mandap you must hurry or settle for less.

  1. Start inviting guests

You could start making phone calls or send out the invites up to 3 months before the date. This way, your out-of-town wedding guests can book their tickets and hotels etc.

  1. Book the hotel rooms for wedding guests

Block or book the hotel rooms for friends and family members coming from out of town. If needed, make a note of this in the wedding invitation cards.

  1. Book your Indian wedding photographer and other vendors

Popular Indian wedding photographers are booked up to a year to 6 months in advance. You will must shortlist and browse through the portfolios of wedding vendors before signing the contract. If needed, opt for a pre wedding shoot to see if you have a rapport with the professional and also see his/her style. (Other vendors you need to finalize are the caterers, florists/decorators, mithaiwalas and entertainers.)

  1. Start shopping for wedding jewellery/accessories and shoes

In most Indian families, the parents start saving or shopping for bridal jewellery for their daughters’ wedding years in advance. However, if you are looking for specific or modern jewellery pieces or accessories for the D-day (and its related ceremonies), you need to start this shopping soon. If you are wearing your mum’s heirloom pieces, get it polished and repaired. Likewise, shop for the wedding shoes early so you can break into them to ensure they are comfortable.

  1. Start a diet/fitness regime

Get advice regarding specific diet, fitness regime etc from an expert to address health issues if any. If you have acne or hair fall, you can visit a dermatologist/beauty experts who can recommend the right treatment which usually start a few months prior to the D-day.

  1. Start shopping for return gifts

Unless you are following the “no gifts-blessing only” policy, it is best that you start shopping for return gifts and favours for your guests.

  1. Book the honeymoon venue

book your Indian honeymoom

Do not procrastinate in this matter or you would have to settle for less. Find out how you can zero in on your perfect honeymoon location using these insider tips and questions to consider.

10. Finalize the pre wedding functions

If you are planning to have a Mehendi, Sangeet or a cocktail party night a few days before the wedding, make sure you book the venue, caterers and entertainers for these. Finish the clothes/jewellery shopping for these ceremonies and also book and finalize a beauty stylist for them.


Can you think of any other important to-dos that need to be done 3-6 months before your 2015 wedding? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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