15 Weddinguette Tips For Guests

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Summer is here and that means you are sure to attend a wedding or two. As a guest going to a wedding, you must put your best foot forward and follow certain etiquette rules or weddinguette as we like to call them. Some things have actually changed when it comes to rules for attending weddings and while what’s in and what’s out is certainly debatable, the following 15 rules and weddinguette tips will always remain in fashion. Check out our infographic on 15 weddinguette tips for guests to always adhere to:


Here are some more wedding etiquette rules for guests:

  • In case you are attending a Christian wedding, do not wear white (or light ivory)-only the bride wears that colour.
  • For Indian weddings, you may wear red, but please do not wear too much jewellery that people confuse you for the bride. Never go under-dressed too-at least wear a formal dress or just follow the instructions from the bride if any.
  • Please switch off your phone or at least put it on silent.
  • Mingle with other guests and do get on the dance floor. This is important to ease the irrational fear many couples go through about their guests not having  a great time at their wedding.
  • Do enjoy the bar but avoid going overboard.
  • Sign the guestbook if there is one.
  • Make it a point to say hello to the couple and their families but do keep it short.

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Have any other weddinguette rules we have missed? Let us know in comments below!

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