Month: July 2014

Bride's hands

Real Weddings: Ouissem & Ghania’s Indo-French Wedding by Camera Crew Photography

An "outdoorsy" couple, Ouissem and Ghania wanted a simple wedding but were also keen on taking home souvenirs from India. And what better way to do that than...

Tamilian wedding

Indian Bridal Apparel-Traditionally Tamil

A wedding is a joyous celebration of the coming together of two individuals. Tamilian Weddings are a riot of colours, with the bride shining like a perfect pearl...

Guest Post: What to Do With Your Wedding Gown After the Big Day

What can you do with your bridal gown after the big day has passed? Here are some options you can consider....

wedding footwear

Indian Groom Series: How To Choose The Right Wedding Footwear

If you're keen to go footwear shopping for yourself and are yet unsure about how to get started, you need to put aside all other things and read...

Bollywood Wedding Songs

Top 15 Bollywood Wedding Songs

The song and dance routine is a long standing tradition in the Indian wedding celebrations. It is believed that ‘Jodiya to swarg me banti hai’ ( which means...

Why we love Kerala sarees

13 Stylish & Stunning Kerala Sarees

Presenting 13 gorgeous and unique Kerala sarees .....Find your dream Saree to perfect the look for your wedding day....

indian wedding wear

Indian Groom Series: Footwear For Indian Grooms Part 2

We've got three more ideas on how to dress your feet right for your big day. Read on for more.