Indian Groom Series: How To Choose The Right Wedding Footwear

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Choosing the right wedding footwear can often be tricky because there are so many factors that need to be kept in mind while doing so. In this two part article we look at a few helpful tips that will undoubtedly make the task of picking wedding footwear, much easier:



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Choose your outfit first: That’s right; you need to decide on Indian wedding wear, Western wedding wear or a fusion before you actually go wedding footwear shopping. Even though you may love your loafers, there’s no way you can wear your favourite pair with an embellished sherwani. The right footwear should enhance the appeal and look of any attire you choose, not tarnish it.



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Take your wedding outfit with you: We bet that your girl would have taken her wedding outfit along before going for her make-up and shoe shopping. There’s a very good reason for doing so and it is this- getting the right complementary shades to go with any wedding outfit can be challenging. That’s precisely why you need to carry yours when you step out to do your shopping. Remember that what looks good on the shelf need not necessarily go well with your wedding attire or even look good on your feet.



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Have a budget: Just like any garment, different kinds of wedding footwear too are available to suit a range of budgets. Although, we’re quite certain that you aren’t looking for real jewel encrusted jhootis like the Mughals wore, the actual price for Indian footwear depends upon the embellishments, materials used and the overall handcraft expertise. Handcrafted genuine leather western footwear is considered a serious investment because of its value whereas more affordable options are available in fake leather, synthetic rubber, wood and other fabrics.



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Off the shelf or Customized: Most bridegrooms don’t mind purchasing their wedding footwear from established retail stores and going with a classic design. On the other hand, if you are particular about looking unique, then opting for wedding footwear which is customized exclusively for you is a safer choice. Going for a customized option allows you to decide the colour & material used and you can also be assured of a great fit. Don’t forget to give your order for customized wedding footwear at least 2 months prior to the wedding in order to avoid last minute disappointments.


More helpful tips coming your way next week.




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