Indian Groom Series: Footwear For Indian Grooms Part 2

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We are back with 3 more ideas on comfortable footwear options for the modern Indian groom:



indian footweargrooms footwear

Slip- on Shoes: This style of footwear is believed to be ultra comfortable and is ideal to wear especially at parties where the newlywed couple are expected to greet guests and other well-wishers in person. We suggest going for slip-ons that have plush soft insoles so that you won’t feel the pinch even if you stand for hours together. This kind of simple footwear is ideal for grooms who are looking for something different from the regular mojaris, as most wedding selections feature self-designed thread work with minimal designs.



indian footwearindian footwear

Kolhapuris: These are a favourite with Indian men particularly in North India and are considered to be classic Indian footwear.  These open toed sandals which were first made in Maharashtra are made from premium leather and also have beautiful thread work and other embroidery designs on them. The soles are quite thick which give them a quality of sturdiness and options for Indian grooms also include sandals with coloured straps or with silver thread work in them. These days, kolhapuris are also available in different shades of tan and brown whereas shoe models can also be found.


Next week, we’ll take a look at the different footwear options for grooms who opt for a suit .



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