4 Tips For Choosing A Bespoke Wedding Cake

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Lemon cream cheesecake. Earl Grey dark chocolate. Irish whiskey sea salted caramel. White chocolate and pistachio. No, these aren’t the latest pastry flavours that your favourite baker is stocking up on but these yummilicious bespoke wedding flavours are just a few of the wondrous creations tickling taste-buds at weddings all over the country. Welcome to the world of bespoke wedding cakes where no design is too tedious to put together and where no flavour is too hard to whip up.

It’s no secret that a wedding cake is undoubtedly the queen of the evening. In fact, enough has been said about neighbours trying to outdo each other when it comes to presenting a cake that’s not just beautiful to look at but one which makes one’s sweet tooth beg for more. That’s also the reason why bespoke wedding cakes are becoming popular with brides all over the country irrespective of religion or number of guests invited. But what should you look for when choosing your very own bespoke wedding cake? We give you 4 tips to help you pick up a real wedding winner:

bespoke wedding cakes

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Is it the design, flavour or both?

What matters the most to you? The way the cake looks, the flavours it carries or both? The reason why you need to think seriously about this factor is because your baker will charge you for every little premium you opt for. If you want hand crafted sugar flowers that look like the real thing or a cake that resembles what Princess Kate cut at her wedding, you can be sure that it will add to your tab.

bespoke wedding cakes

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Have a Budget

It’s easy to get carried away when bespoke wedding cake shopping. After all, there are just so many pretty designs and such gorgeous craftwork that it’s hard not to get swayed. Unless you have already decided that come what may, you shalt have your cake and eat it too, choosing a design beforehand will make the discussions easier with your baker. And if a bombastic bespoke wedding cake design is something you just cannot afford, ask your baker about what other creative alternatives she can do for you within your budget.

bespoke wedding cakes

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Portions vs Size

So, you’ve planned to call just 100 people to the reception but you want a 5 tier cake that will make the crowd swoon. You’re certain to get a fair share of oohs and aahs but it does look awkward. Talk to your baker about the number of guests you would like to serve cake to because it is that number which will decide just how big or small your cake should be. If you really want to have a tiered cake, consider putting in a dummy or two but be warned- you will have to pay for those as well.

bespoke wedding cakes

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Do you really like your baker?

Word of mouth is often the best way to get a solid recommendation but it does not mean that just because somebody who just hosted a wedding suggested a particular bespoke wedding cake specialist that you should go with him or her only. Shop around for a good baker, think about the design you want and most importantly visit the baker’s website for actual bespoke wedding cake photographs. There’s nothing like a good portfolio to reveal just how good a cake specialist really is.

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