Fun Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers

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At weddings, it’s not just the wedding cake that guests generally get excited about; in fact, wedding cake toppers are also a fun addition to the party and come in so many shapes and sizes. You don’t even have to stick with the traditional bride and groom topper; you can in fact opt for something artistic, elegant, creative or even funny. All you need to ensure is that the cake topper you choose goes well with the theme of your wedding and looks good on the cake!


Did you know that all cake toppers are not edible and that they can be made from materials like metal or even acrylic? In fact, most brides these days prefer toppers that can be retained as keepsakes long after the actual ceremony is over. With regard to adding your own personal touch to the topper, the sky is honestly the limit. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Put a spin on the traditional bride and groom topper and you get some really interesting results.


Or how about going for a wedding cake topper with a distinctive  Indian touch? You could even get a topper to match what you and your spouse are wearing for the party!



Get creative and whimsical with fun cake toppers such as these. They’re guaranteed to make everyone smile.


Animal wedding cake toppers are quite a hit with couples too and you can be sure that everybody will remember them for a long time to come.



Don’t like the idea of an elaborate cake topper? Then opt for ones with alphabets, silhouettes shapes or even with words.


Finding the perfect cake topper may appear hard but it’s also so much of fun. Think of it as investing in a beautiful memory for a lifetime!

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