Offbeat Ideas For Indian Weddings- 1

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European weddings are well known for the quaint little ceremonies and games which often involve the wedding guests too. The best part about having a few offbeat ideas in your Indian wedding is that everybody gets to have fun and go back home with plenty of great memories. Here are a few little quirks you could add to your special day so that it truly stands apart:



Opt for an inter-community buffet- We’ve all been to weddings where umpteen stalls serving delicacies from across the world were a hit. But quite often, we overlook the fact that India is home to a fantastic mish-mash of cuisines which are a gastronome’s delight too. To keep things simple yet interesting, how about serving a few dishes from each community (yours and your partner’s) or even delicacies from each hometown? Or ask your caterer to create a tantalising fusion menu which highlights key ingredients that are often used in both communities. It’s a great way to let guests get a ‘sample’ of your respective cultures too.




Yes to gourmet desserts: Bite into an airy macaroon and you’ll understand why this too pretty to eat treat is making an appearance at weddings all across the country. Move on gulab jamoon, because macaroons and choux pastries are  here to stay. Let’s also not forget that ultimate sinful treat that is often a cure for sweet teeth- good ole chocolate! Chocolate connoisseurs are now successfully combining more than one texture in each bite and an explosion of flavours is guaranteed. Think chocolate with chilly, salted caramel almond rocks or sweet and sour raisins. With a dessert bar that’s a sweet feast for the senses; your guests will have something more to rave about.



Family Tree Display: What’s the best way to truly let your family members feel loved and cherished? This is definitely an offbeat idea and it’s likely you may have spotted a tree or two at other people’s homes, but a family tree at the wedding venue lets guests see all your family members at one time. It even helps break the ice especially if you have invited guests who may not be known to other elders in the family. Start with the oldest living members with the last branch featuring your name and your photograph. Make one of your partner’s family too.

We’ll be back with more offbeat ideas for your Indian wedding soon. Stay tuned!


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