4 Top Bridal Shower Themed Party Ideas

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We girls love to party and when your best friend is about to tie the knot, why not throw her a fab bridal shower party and invite the girl gang to celebrate her special day ahead together? And if you’ve decided to throw her a party, then don’t forget to think long and hard about the kind of theme you would like to go with. Out of good suggestions? Don’t worry we share the top 4 bridal shower party themes you should know about this year:

Go Retro

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If your best pal is a child of the 80-‘s or the 90’s, what better way is there to celebrate than by visiting that fabulous era where louder was better and bigger more beautiful? Flowery prints, gaudy cocktail rings, headbands, bobbed haircuts, Ray-Bans, trinkets and music that we once considered to be the best tunes on the planet- these are just a few of the ingredients that go into making a retro party. Oh, and don’t forget the speakers and finger foods too.

Yes to French

top bridal shower party

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The French have always been a class apart when it comes to style and glamour, and there’s no reason why you can’t go all out with this bridal shower party theme too. We suggest going with soft shades like lavender, pink and yellow for a mellow and sweet effect. Since the French keep it classy, you should do and avoid overdoing the décor. For mini bites, why not indulge everybody’s sweet tooth and serve macaroons, French pastries, choux bites and classic French finger foods? You could even hand out mini pot pourri sachets as a thank you gift.

Slumber Party

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Why does a party have to end within a few hours? Imagine how much more fun it would be if you could party all through the day and into the night with the bride and your girl gang! For a pyjama slumber party, we suggest including a fun class where you could all learn a skill or two, include a pillow fight (don’t forget to capture these memories of course!), have a meal at a fancy restaurant, hire a luxury car for the ride back home and enjoy a no hold barred dance party too. Celebrating with girls is the best send-off you could give the bride and that’s why this theme is one of the most popular bridal shower party themes around!

Bollywood Theme

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Who doesn’t like the idea of becoming a celebrity for just one day? We think your friend would love it too. With a Bollywood theme, you can be forgiven for going all kitschy with the décor and for making it look like your home living room is just another Bollywood set. By putting up posters and other Bollywood paraphernalia, you set the mood. Don’t forget the cake- get a fondant model made of the bride walking down a red carpet, get party poppers, set out yummy finger licking Indian finger foods and of course, lots of music to get everybody on the floor.

What are your favourite top bridal shower party themes? Share them with us today!

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