5 Adventure Wedding Ideas

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Obsessed about an adventure wedding?  The usual customs sound boring to you? Feel like there is ‘wild side’ hidden inside you?. Then read  this list of top 5 adventure wedding ideas –

1. Get hitched at height: Mountain Wedding

For a mountain lover, the ultimate deepest desire remains the idea of getting married in hills and mountains. So if you don’t want to let this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity go away then plan your wedding on your favourite destination now.

Pangong Tso Ladakh

How to go about it

  • Make a super-short guest list. Of course, you can’t expect 500 guests to accompany you at this high-altitude Himalayan glacier/valley.
  • Talk to your closest pals and cousins- may be they won’t be able to resist the temptation and can help convince others in the family.
  • Fix a spot. It’s advisable to not choose difficult routes or spots which require hardcore trekking.
  • Plan your itinerary.
  • Pack your bag with minimum stuff. Do not forget the camera.
  • And, oh, did we forget to mention convincing your Significant Other about the thrill of this plan?

Preferred destinations: Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand

2. Exchange vows like a bird: Paragliding Wedding

The idea itself is enough for an adrenaline rush. Not for the faint-hearts of course.

Paragliding India

How to go about it

  • The very first and crucial step, talk to your SO.
  • If you two share the same enthusiasm, then you have hit the right jackpot. Or else, try to convince him/her anyway.
  • Next, contact the paragliding associations and chalk out a plan.
  • Take a small/medium group of invitees who will witness this awesomeness as well as cheer for you two.
  • Decide the dresses after consulting with paragliding experts. You can even change into your proper wedding attire after coming down.

Preferred destinations: Uttarakhand

3. Get married with the flow: Rafting Wedding

Again, not for the faint-hearted.

White water rafting India

How to go about it

  • Talk to your SO.
  • Upon confirmation, talk to the officiant who will perform the wedding rituals on the rafts.
  • Shortlist 5-6 of closest friends and relatives who will raft with you throughout the stretch.
  • There could be two separate groups of guests in the beginning and ending points to greet you.
  • Next, choose your destination and talk to the rafting associations of that place about the plan.
  • It’s advisable to choose a less risky, calm river as you would never want yourself or your SO or guests to get hurt on your D-day.

Preferred destinations: Haridwar, Rishikesh, Bhagirathi, Teesta

4. Tie the knot ethnic way: Tribal Wedding

Choose this option if you want to give the big fat Indian wedding a miss and escape to a serene land with your beloved. Tie the knot in the most indigenous way with just a couple of near and dear ones as witnesses.

Tribal festival india

How to go about it

  • Make an exclusive team 10-20 guests.
  • Pick a tribal destination, preferably, a place where you have been before. Being acquainted with the tribal people can be a great plus point as otherwise some of the core tribes may feel disturbed.
  • You can keep the dress code plain, simple or tribal.
  • No need to carry flowers, there will be plenty of them (wild ones) to make garlands and floral jewelleries for the whole wedding party. The simplest yet one of the best ways to enjoy the best day of your life.

Preferred destinations: Individual choice.

5. Become one amidst jungle: Nature Wedding

Especially recommended for the wildlife lovers and wildlife photographers.

National parks India

How to go about it

  • Make a guest-list of the enthusiast relatives and friends.
  • Pick a destination. Talk to the forest department officials posted there.
  • Pack the bag and leave for the venue. Just remember not to disturb the wildlife with your wedding celebration.

Preferred destinations: Corbett National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park

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