Tips for Finding the Best Goa Hotels for your wedding

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Planning a destination wedding in Goa can be quite an endeavour. A few decades ago, the state had very few wedding venues to choose from. Today, there are hundreds of choices in Goa hotels at your disposal as far as Goa wedding venues are concerned.

In this guide, we will give you 5 important tips to help you choose the best Goa hotels for your destination wedding in Goa. These are sure to come in handy to help you find the perfect location for a fairytale wedding .

Spacious and roomy Goa wedding venues

Radisson Blu Goa wedding

Considering your guest list, you must naturally choose a Goa hotel that is spacious and roomy and can house all your party members comfortably. Often, a wedding venue might appear spacious, but once it is filled up with chairs, tables, a buffet area, a bar, DJs to play the music etc, it can get filled up quickly. You certainly do not want that. Hence, you must factor in these aspects when selecting Goa hotels for weddings.  We recommend: the Holiday Inn, Mobor Beach Goa, which is highly renowned  for its roomy event facilities, friendly staff and great food.

Open air or outdoor ceremony

As mentioned above, a few years ago, there were hardly any open air venues for getting married in Goa.  Most couples tied the knot in churches or small banquet halls. Today, many Goa hotels offer open air garden weddings, lawn weddings or outdoor beach weddings. Every year, hundreds of Indian and foreign couples, especially ones who do not want a traditional ceremony, are known to tie the knot in Goa hotels which offer outdoor wedding venues .We recommend: The Aguada Anchorage which is spread over hundreds of acres of  lush verdant land.

Goa hotels weddings

Private or intimate ceremony

Not all couples wish to have daytime event in a very public place. For them, it is essential to find Goa wedding venues which offer private wedding banquet halls for intimate ceremonies. Some of the most popular Goa hotels with indoor wedding halls tend to have multiple events going on simultaneously, particularly during the peak wedding season. Hence, it is important that you determine beforehand if the sound from the adjacent event halls is bound to carry inside your wedding venue.We recommend: the secluded, romantic and poetically charming indoor wedding venues offered by the Stonewatereco resort.

Adhering to your theme and colours

If you are planning on specific themes or colour palettes, then you must ensure that your chosen Goa wedding venue offers similar hues or at least ones that do not clash with the chosen theme. Most important are the walls, carpets, chairs, table linen etc so you must examine these before booking your wedding venue. We recommend the Radisson Blu Cavelossim Beach which has neutral décor indoors and also lets you arrange themed sangeets, Mehendi nights and weddings by the poolside or in their Lisboa ballroom banquet hall.

Other important factors to consider in your Goa wedding venues

Apart from these factors, you must ensure that the Goa hotels you choose for your W-day have adequate parking space, good lighting and acoustics. Be sure you walk through the rooms and the banquet halls to see where electrical outlets are located as well as other amenities that will make your guest’s stay comfortable. For the brides, there should be a ‘getting ready’ room where she can keep her expensive belongings under lock and key. If you are getting married indoors, it is a must to ensure that the wedding venue has adequate ventilation and Air conditioning especially when getting married in the hot season. If you are having a traditional Hindu ceremony, and plan on having a ‘havan’ then the room can get smoky. So make sure there are adequate windows to let the smoke out.  Ensure that you discuss these things with your Goa wedding planners as well.

We hope these five tips will come in handy when finding the best Goa hotels for your destination wedding.

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