5 Great Bridal Trousseau Options

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The bridal trousseau is one of the most important items in wedding preparations. A lot of jewellery along with many dresses, all or most of which are priced heavily in the market, is included in the bridal trousseau. A trousseau has several meanings. In the older times it signified the dowry that a bride carried with her on her wedding day. This consisted of several items, some of which were prepared by the bride herself. These items were meant to help her in her day-to-day family life.


A trousseau also signifies a bride’s attire on the day of the wedding as well as the dresses she flaunts on several occasions that mark the beginning of wedding celebrations. While making the decision about what to buy and what not to buy  a bride often ends up buying things that she may not even use once leading to wastage of money.

So, what are the things you should include in your trousseau (apart from all those pretty sarees and lehngas) so that it helps spice up your style without costing a whole lot of money? Lets see a few great bridal trousseau options:


A heavy Dupatta: Yes, a heavy arcade dupatta might just be the right addition to your trousseau. Team up with several plain dresses in matching colors and notice the difference it brings in to your attire. A nicely selected dupatta can enhance your collection.

A brocade blouse with a nice cut: This will add up to your collection of sarees and lehngas. A nicely stiched brocade blouse with a great design is something that will bring out the beauty of your saree. Go for a multicolored blouse that you can match with more than one sarees from your collection.


A salwar kameez: Most of the brides-to-be focus on sarees and lehngas, but a nice salwar kameez worn at the sangeet ceremony can be a great trousseau addition and can also be used on other occasions after the wedding. So why not spice up your trousseau with a nice salwar kameez that is bright and beautiful ?


Jewellery and Perfume: Any bridal attire is incomplete without the right kind of jewellery . Remember, this is something that you will be looking at to remind yourself of how beautiful you looked on your wedding day. So spend some time on selecting the jewellery and buy some really nice pieces to spice up your wedding days. Add to this a nice fragrance that’s not too strong and can be worn on a daily basis.


Bag: A nice clutch or a handbag that matches with your outfit would be just perfect for your wedding attire. But this may not always match with your other wedding dresses. So, make sure you have a spare one that’s equally stylish and chic and handy enough for you to carry on other wedding functions.


Having said that, don’t forget to have a good and comfortable pair of footwear and a make-up kit in your bridal trousseau.

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