5 Photography Styles You Should Consider

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When it comes to photography and getting the best out of your wedding day clicks, you should know that there are so many different styles to choose from and all sorts of photography tricks that can make an ordinary snap something extraordinary. Here are a few styles you should consider asking your wedding photographer to take:

Black and White photographs

wedding photography Mumbai by rich digital studio

Image by Rich Digital Colour Lab

Indian black and white wedding photography styles by The Picture Factor Mumbai India

Image by The Picture Factory

These are a superb option to consider and you should definitely have at least one or two such snaps in your wedding album. Not surprisingly, many photographers believe that the best shots are all taken in black and white. You’ll find that little details that get overlooked in colour photos tend to stand out beautifully otherwise. The point to note is lighting and that’s why it’s just as important to capture the right shapes and tones. Although your photographer can add black and white effects after the pictures are taken in colour, we suggest shooting them in black and white itself.

Macro Photos


Image by The Picture Factory

Have you ever walked past a jewellery store and admired the blow ups of the ear-rings or bracelet being advertised? You would have noticed that such photographs tend to drown out the surroundings while keeping the focus just on the main piece that steals the spotlight. When such macro photographs are taken of smaller things that otherwise get lost in the middle of other details, like the wedding rings or even a pair of shoes, every little detail becomes highlighted.

Drone Photography

indian wedding photography styles

Using the latest technology is in and that’s why photographers aren’t hesitating to invest in drones to snap photos that wouldn’t otherwise get clicked. We suggest using drone photography for panoramic views and for a series of shots taken from high up. Drones can even take really good close-ups but unless your photographer is that sure about getting close enough without hurting the guests, we would say go with views from up above. You really don’t want any drone related accidents happening on your special day.

Aerial Photos

wedding photography by Camera Crew mumbai

Image: Camera Crew

One of the best wedding photographs that you can get clicked of you and your partner involves aerial pictures. The best times to actually take these snaps is either at dawn or at sunset when you can expect longer shadows. Aerial photographs allow the photographer to capture a little bit more of the surrounding without losing focus on the actual subjects. You can even use props to make these photos much more fun and interesting.


image by rich digital studio

Image Rich Digital Studio

Clicking the perfect portrait is tough because it requires doing 100% to the subject in question. Not only does the wedding dress or gown need to be captured in its entirety but the mood of the moment, the personality of the subject and facial expressions also need to be captured perfectly. We suggest taking at least one portrait photo that involves looking directly at the camera and not away from it. The lighting should be in such a way that it enhances the beauty of the photo without spoiling anything else.

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