6 Colourful Pre Wedding Rituals Of Punjabis

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Punjabi weddings are known for their exuberant and boisterous celebrations. Interestingly, the celebrations begin days in advance, and the pre wedding rituals are as classy and elaborate as the wedding itself. Let me take you through the colourful and opulent pre wedding rituals of Punjabis:


This ceremony marks an informal agreement between both the families. It is usually a small celebration involving close family members. Usually, some gifts are exchanged between the families to celebrate the union.



This occasion is the formal announcement of wedding, and rings are exchanged between the bride and groom. The event can range from being fairly simple to extremely elaborate (if it’s a Punjabi wedding, nothing can be simple!). Both bride and the groom are showered with gifts from the other side of the family.



It is usually held only a few days before the wedding. In the ceremony, the bride is gifted a red dupatta by her in laws, and a tikka or tilak ceremony is also conducted to honour the groom.


Mehndi and Haldi

The bride, her friends and all female relatives apply henna. There is a lot of singing, dancing, and merry making. The bride is also applied a concoction of turmeric, sandalwood powder, and other beauty enhancing herbs. And because it’s a Punjabi wedding, the celebrations are topped by sumptuous and delightful food.


Chuda ceremony

Over the years, this simple ceremony has evolved into an elaborate celebration. The paternal grandfather or uncle of the bride makes her wear beautiful red and white ivory bangles, which she will continue to wear even months after marriage. These bangles are the symbol of holy matrimony.


Ladies Sangeet

If there is one ceremony that is awaited even more keenly than the wedding day itself, then it has to be this one. It is held a day before the wedding day, and guests sing and dance their way through the night, and finish it off with a hearty meal.


Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of Punjabi pre wedding rituals; there are many other celebrations that occur before the wedding day. Know any we have missed? Comment below so we can add them to this list!

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