Garden Weddings – PART II

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Outdoor garden wedding décor ideas.

Colours:  Pinks, greens, mints, baby blues, plums, lavendars or lilacs make for gorgeous garden wedding colours.

Lighted Trees : String lights are available in various colours, shapes and sizes and can be interwoven between branches of trees, laced with hanging lanterns, to give the area an exquisite look.

Table Decor:  Adorn tables with satin covers, glass pots with coloured water for floral decorations , floating candles, balloons tied to table stands to make it all attractive.

Chairs: Enchance the beauty of the chairs by using matching satin back rest covers draped in a style that will showcase your sense of elegance.

Stage:  Have lots of fresh floral arrangements with ferns and baby’s breath.  Flowering plants will enhance the stage beauty and put the spotlight on the bride and groom on their big day!560209_638235266193323_1221641921_n

Indoor garden wedding décor ideas

Grace the occasion with lots of flowering plants and bushes to give your reception an earthy, natural tone. Avoid using artificial plants if you want the real garden look.


Photography:  Create awesome memories to last a lifetime, in the background of nature’s best to give you your prizewinning ‘garden of Eden’ wedding pictures!

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