7 Bridal Jewellery Styles You Need To Know About

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Bridal jewellery is without doubt a very important part of a bride’s trousseau and the right jewellery can add a certain radiance to the bride’s overall glamour. Confused about which bridal jewellery style you should be opting for? Here are out top 7 picks on the perfect bridal jewellery styles you can consider when planning your bridal wear look:


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With little designs and motifs featuring peacocks, flowers and even paisley, Mennakari bridal jewellery is reminiscent of the Mughal era gone by. For brides who would prefer to wear a soft pastel shade, wearing Meenakari creates a beautiful contrast that stands out.

Traditional Jewellery

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All four corners of the country has a different take on what traditional gold jewellery looks like although all Indians would agree that gold is indeed an auspicious metal. Traditional Indian bridal jewellery usually consist of big jhumkas, thick gold bangles and long gold necklaces and chains. Irrespective of which shade the bride chooses, traditional gold jewellery adds a certain lustre.


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Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend and when there are so many gorgeous styles available, it can often be confusing to pick out that one perfect diamond set. Diamonds when paired with contrasting coloured precious stones like rubies, sapphires or emeralds look absolutely stunning.


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Platinum is for the modern bride who wants to look attractive without looking over bejewelled. Platinum is often paired with diamonds and other stones to create bridal jewellery that indeed does last a lifetime.

Temple Jewellery

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Temple jewellery which often highlights designs that are symbolic of the culture of the state are also gaining in popularity these days. In fact, this kind of jewellery is actually inspired by designs that can be found in gold jewellery adorning gods and goddesses in various temples across India. This kind of jewellery is often big in size and semi-precious stones are often added too. Temple jewellery is very popular with South Indian brides.

Mughal Jewellery

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The Nizams and the Mughals weren’t just famous for their wealth and rule, they also had very stylish taste in jewellery. This style is very popular with brides and when the right stones are worn, the overall look is nothing short of gorgeous. We particularly heart the hair brooch which is available in different styles.


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Polki simply refers to diamonds that are presented and worn in a semi-polished or uncut style. Although one can thank the Mughals for this lovely bridal jewellery style, this type of jewellery has been trending for years.

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