7 Most Expensive Indian Weddings Ever

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We’ve always known that Indians love their weddings and often bigger is better and remembered long enough by people too. But honestly; to what extent would doting parents go to ensure that their beloved children had the wedding of a lifetime? We take a look at 7 most expensive Indian weddings ever:

Vinita Agarwal & Muqit Teja

most expensive indian weddings

Image courtesy My Italian Wedding

Daughter of billionaire Pramod Agarwal, Vinita and Muqit got married on May 14, 2011 on the island of San Clemente in what was an extraordinary and extravagant affair that amounted to 130 crore in expenses. Brilliant fireworks, lavish wedding décor, a wonderful laid out feast and entertainment by Shakira, were a few of the wedding highlights, earning this wedding a permanent spot in the most expensive Indian weddings ever.

Priya Sachdeva & Vikram Chatwal

most expensive indian weddings

Image courtesy NY Times

In 2006, Sant Chatwal who is the groom’s father and who is better known as a hotel czar in America spent 100 crore on a wedding that lasted an entire week. Guests were flown in on private jets from 26 countries and were treated to ten lavish parties that were hosted separately in three cities. Plenty of spirits, dance, music and even a white elephant made this one of the most expensive weddings ever.

Sushanto & Richa, Seemanto & Chandni

In 2004, both sons of famed businessman Subrato Roy got married in Lucknow, in a wedding that cost nothing less than 550 crore. Besides, the appearance of many well-known celebrities, it is said that around 110 cuisines from all over the world were laid out for guests and not less than 11,000 guests were in attendance. No wonder, it deserves a place as one of the most expensive Indian weddings ever.

Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatiya

most expensive indian weddings

Image courtesy Divorce Debbie

Daughter of steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, Vanisha had a dream wedding fit for a princess at nothing less than the Versailles Palace in France in the year 2004. Many celebrities performed at the wedding and the pre-wedding functions were much talked about too. The wedding which cost more than 200 crores is still talked about as one of the most expensive Indian weddings ever held.

Srishti Mittal & Gulraj Behl

most expensive weddings ever

Image courtesy Scoop Whoop

It was only expected that the niece of Lakshmi Mittal would also get wed in style. And that she did! In a wedding that was held in Spain and which is believed to have cost around 500 crore, this is one of the most expensive weddings ever. The cake itself was rumoured to weigh around 60 kilos, there was a fantastic water display show for the guests and chefs were flown in from Thailand exclusively for the catering.

Yogita Jaunapuriya & Lalit Tanvar

most expensive indian weddings

Image courtesy News Nation

Nothing short of spectacular is expected when the children of two politicians get married in Delhi. More than 250 crore was spent on ensuring that Yogita’s and Lalit’s wedding would be remembered for months to come. A lot of hard work and effort was put into ensuring that a lavish venue and jaw dropping sets were constructed at least a month before the wedding by artisans from all over the country. And yes, guests were even given cash a thank you gesture.

 Payal Bansal & Deepak Kanodia

most expensive indian wedding

Image courtesy Scoop Whoop

The respective families spent around 100 crore on a wedding that was held in Turkey in the year 2011. The wedding was attended by more than 400 guests and the celebrations lasted a full five days. Every care was taken to ensure that even though the wedding was held at a foreign location, that every aspect of it was 100% Indian. Guests were treated to a lavish Indian vegetarian fare made by specially flown in Indian chefs and even 25 different types of flowers were brought in to add colour to the venue.

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