Relaxation Techniques To Soothe Pre-Wedding Jitters

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It’s no secret that mind relaxation techniques go a long way in helping one stay calm irrespective of whether there’s an upcoming wedding on the calendar or not! Other than taking better care of your diet and eating foods that calm you from within, we have a few easy to practise tips that are guaranteed to help you feel better and more positive:




Clearing your mind: Yoga has been around for centuries and people all over the world are only now waking up to its immense benefits. Simple breathing exercises while keeping your eyes closed or a few meditation exercises done in the privacy of your bedroom are immensely helpful. It has been proven that spending a minimum of 20 minutes doing meditation in the morning will help you control your emotions better for the rest of the day.




Keep a Diary: Maintaining a daily diary is like having an in-house psychologist and is a popular relaxation technique. Just the very act of writing down your feelings, thoughts, anticipations, emotions and fears will help you think better and also help you identify what’s bothering you. If you would like to maintain a diary then don’t forget to also make a note of all the important things that have happened during the day. A few years down the line, you’ll be happy to re-live those moments that took place before your wedding.




Pamper Yourself: You are the bride after all and your wish should be everybody’s command. Now is the right time to indulge in a bit of self-beautification and make those long overdue trips to the spa and beauty parlour. You will not only feel prettier and more self- confident, but you will feel much more mentally relaxed too. Not to forget, you’ll also soak in all the extra care and attention!




Make plans for the Future: Thinking about what lies ahead for you and your partner is a good relaxation technique as it allows you to plan. However, it is advisable to make smaller short term plans with achievable goals instead of going with bigger plans that are likely to stress you out even further. For example, if you have always been interested in signing up for a course to enhance your skills, making that a plan of action for yourself after marriage is quite a good idea. Although you may receive plenty of advice on what to do and what not to do after marriage, it is important not to be swayed by it.


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