Fun Wedding Ideas For 2015- Part 2

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As promised, we are back with more fun wedding ideas on how you can make your special D-day a memorable one that’s also plenty of fun:



Photo booth with Props: We agree that a wedding is a solemn occasion but that’s no reason why your guests can’t party even harder at the reception. Don’t just have a photo booth with standard full length frames; keep plenty of props handy too. Trust us; everybody has a silly side that is guaranteed to make a photograph even more special. Think oversized moustaches, glasses with silly frames, colourful wigs, ready to wear costumes and even tiaras. You’ll be surprised at some of the amazing ideas that your guests will have when it comes to dressing up and plus, it adds spark to a fun wedding.


Share your love story: If you both were lucky to know each other before tying the knot, then this one is for you. How about making a huge story-board with pictures of you and your partner’s favourite places, eateries that you love to visit, maybe a film or two that you both think are awesome- in short anything that lets guests know something more about the two of you as people. Plus, if you have a love story to tell as well, make it visually appealing by adding hand-drawn sketches or so and add enough wit and humour to make your guests smile. It will help the audience warm up to both of you even if they are distant relatives or acquaintances and besides who doesn’t like a true love story?


Get advice from Guests: A few years from your wedding day, as you flip through the heavy leather wedding albums and remember all those special wedding day moments that flew by, isn’t it possible that you may wonder about what words of wisdom your guests would have shared with you as you embarked on a new journey? Keeping an ‘advice for us’ or ‘share your thoughts’ card box at the reception area is a fun wedding idea because it’s a cute way of letting your guests know just how much their advice matters to you. Besides, you could add a fun zinger like ‘Share something sweet for our 1st wedding anniversary’ or ‘Now that we have 2 kids, what advice would you give us?’ You and your partner will enjoy reading and treasuring these notes!


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