7 Wedding Food Trends You Should Know About!

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We Indians love our food and if there’s one question that’s always on the mind of wedding guests just before they head out to a wedding, it’s this- what kind of food will be served? Indian couples for years were more than content to put together a mish-mash of cuisines at their weddings and call such food ‘Fusion’ food; the idea being that there would be at least one dish that each guest personally loves to eat, that’s on the menu. For some it could be the Italian pasta, for others a succulent biriyani served whereas for other guests it’s the carrot halwa that makes them smile.

Enter 2017 and what have you? Couples are no longer shy about taking wedding food to the next level and that’s why we’ve rounded up the hottest 7 wedding food trends that you should know about this minute:

Food With a Personal Touch

wedding food trends

Couples aren’t happy about serving wedding food just for their guests anymore; the menu should also feature a dish or two that they enjoy indulging in. So, it’s not unusual anymore for the bar to have special cocktails like ‘Ayesha’s Caribbean Dream’ or ‘Karan’s Spicy Shots’ which have been specially blended using ingredients that the couple likes. Tailor-made desserts are going the same way too and adding a personal touch by the newlywed couple gives guests a dekko at their food tastes also!

Food Trucks

wedding food trends

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Here’s one of the latest wedding food trends that’s taking weddings by storm. Food trucks have crept up in most cities and have slowly become the go-to lunch option for most yuppies. So, it was just a matter of time before they made an appearance at weddings too. From serving up spicy chaats, to tandoori kebabs to all kinds of fast food- food trucks give the added option of customising food for each guest too. So, there’s no room for complaints here!

Healthy Grub

wedding food trends

We’re becoming a calorie conscious nation and that’s why weight watchers will be happy to note that one of the upcoming wedding food trends turns the spotlight back on healthy wholefoods. Organic food is trending in a big way as is going back to basic grains like millets which can be served up in so many yummy ways. Salads with imported ingredients, whole-wheat breads made with nuts and seeds, low carb pasta made from vegetables and even healthy versions of fast food are making an appearance at weddings all over the country. And the guests are loving it!

Dessert Melange

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Sure, we may have the highest number of diabetic patients in the world, but that’s never stopped Indians from making a beeline for the dessert table. There’s something extremely satisfying about ending such an auspicious ceremony on a sweet note that lingers and that’s why pastry connoisseurs and dessert chefs are being paid big money to create desserts and wedding cakes that have never been seen before. Bespoke desserts were never this big before and with dessert chefs expertly blending popular sweet creations from the East & West together, there’s plenty of choice for one’s sweet tooth.

Conveyor Food Belts

wedding food trends

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One of the most irritating inconveniences that wedding guests often have to put up with includes standing in line for at least 15 minutes, plate in hand, in order to help themselves to hot food. So, what if the same food could reach a table without making the guest uncomfortable in the least? Conveyor food belts is a happening wedding food trend that does away with the need for many waiters to serve food and allows guests to dine without breaking the conversation or leaving the table.

The DIY Trend

wedding food trends

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We wouldn’t really advocate the DIY food trend for your wedding guests unless you’re having a small party with friends and relatives over as opposed to a much bigger ’shaadi’ crowd. Opting for a DIY food option means that you give guests the chance to put together their own plate instead of having it served readily to them. The plus point is that guests get to customise their own food or drinks and that leads to minimal food wastage. On the other hand, if there’s a bigger crowd, going DIY means more queues at each table and definitely highly irritated guests too.

Focus On One Cuisine

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India is waking up to unique cuisines and tastes and that’s why this wedding food trend was just waiting to happen. Couples aren’t shy about focusing on any one regional cuisine or on an International cuisine like Mediterranean or Turkish food. This means that all the food served beginning with the starters and ending with desserts stays true and loyal to the one cuisine that is the highlight. This kind of  wedding food trends actually gives guests a deeper insight into the dishes, aromas and tastes associated with that particular cuisine.

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