4 Unusual Wedding Trends Of 2016 That Are Still Going Strong

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We are plagued with so much of information about weddings that sometimes it’s hard to decide those one or two crucial factors that will stand out nicely. Not surprisingly, many Indian brides, till recently, were happy to visit Pinterest boards and put together their dream wedding by sifting through heaps of wedding magazines. Today’s bride, however is more than willing to break away from the ingredients that make up the perfect traditional Indian wedding and is more than determined to have things her way! As with many trends that first see the light, they are usually spotted at multiple places before they are given a makeover or die a quiet death. Here are 4 unusual 2016 wedding trends that are still going strong:

 Metallic Glitter Everywhere

unusual 2016 wedding trends

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We love our gold and metallic gold when used tastefully in wedding décor actually makes the wedding venue look super pretty. It’s not about going all out but mixing up shades properly so that you get a combination that looks attractive and is easy on the eye. For instance, a single gold dipped rose can be added to a small vase of real flowers. You could hold a gold clutch in your hand at the reception. Soft yellow lights or gold drapes can be used to highlight the stage décor. And if gold is too much for you, then switch over to copper or even silver for an unusual décor shade.

Eye-Tractive Cakesunusual 2016 wedding trends

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Gone are the days when a wedding cake used to be appreciated for the way it tasted; today it’s all about the eye candy factor too. Bakers are having a gala time whipping up cakes that sometimes defy gravity and which are seriously too pretty to cruelly cut into. From cakes that have a geometric design, to cakes that have been inspired by real paintings to cakes which tell the couple’s love story- there’s no end to imagination. No wonder this unusual 2016 wedding trend is still going strong. And if all you want is a simple cake, then check out the semi-naked cake or the colour drip cake.

Smaller Guest List

unusual 2016 wedding trends

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Sometimes the dream wedding is expensive to put together and the bills add up when a huge guest list is drawn up. One of the best ways to get the best of both worlds is by going with those elements that lend your wedding a personal touch (think candid photo booths, a dance party) while having only those people who truly matter around you. It’s a rather unusual 2016 wedding trends that many modern couples are quick to applaud given the fact that we Indians love huge weddings. Big crowds isn’t trending anymore!

Quirky Elements

unusual 2016 wedding trends

Image courtesy Cassidix Media Works

Weddings are getting quirkier as couples want to give their guests something more to sweep them off their feet. Drone photography is still hot although we advise asking your photographer for the day to take responsibility for handling the drone. Photo booths and interactive stations are becoming more popular and allow better mingling and interaction between the guests. A dance party hosted by a popular celebrity or a DJ is another sure-fire way to get adrenaline pumping.

What do you think are the  unusual 2016 wedding trends that you’ve spotted? Write in to us!

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