9 Things You Should Not Pack In Your Honeymoon Luggage

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So the wedding was a big hit and you’re excited about going on your honeymoon now. We girls love packing as much as we can irrespective of whether the holiday is for just 2 days or for one week. But if you haven’t really thought about what to take in your honeymoon luggage, we’re help to help with a comprehensive list of what you shouldn’t be taking. Here goes:


Say no to the gadgets that you just cannot do without. Your office laptop can wait for you and there’s no reason to lug it around. If you have a social media addiction, uninstalling your favourite apps for a few days is a good idea.

2. Too Many Clothes

Your honeymoon luggage shouldn’t be just another vacation suitcase. That means no over packing when it comes to clothes. Decide what kind of look you want beforehand and match your accessories accordingly.

3. Heirloom Jewelry

If you love jewellery, carry your favourite pieces with you but avoid carrying any heirloom pieces or wedding gifts in your honeymoon luggage.

4. Too Much Makeup

Can’t decide if you should take your fuchsia shade of lip wear with you or maybe a few kajal sticks? The only thing that can go wrong is taking too much make up with you because you honestly don’t need it. If you’re slated to go to a destination that requires a few hours of travelling, then skip any liquid based make up articles too.

5. Hundred Pairs of Shoes

We girls love our shoes and in fact we don’t think twice about investing in multiple colours of the same style. But when you’re packing for your honeymoon luggage, we suggest going with just one or two pairs in different colours. And if you’re headed to the beach, don’t forget to invest in a pair of awesome beach sandals.

6. Styling Products

By the way, you really don’t need to carry all your hair styling products wherever you go either. You      can leave your hair cleaning products safely at home, because the hotel or resort that you stay at will have ample supplies of those. Avoid packing towels either unless you are allergic to detergents or have some other skin problem.

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7. Books

We know how much you love your books, but we suggest leaving them behind and focusing on fun activities that you can do with your partner instead. You can always pick up from where you left after you get back home.

8. Too Many Bags

Avoid carrying more luggage than you can carry around comfortably. Your comfort matters. So choose just one piece of luggage or at the maximum two, which you can handle alone. Make sure you know airline regulations about weight as well as items you are prohibited to carry like flammable liquids, knives, etc.

9. Gifts From the Ex

If you have any keepsakes like a locket or a trinket from an old relationship, now is the best time to leave that behind before embarking on your new journey with your partner.

Do you have any tips on what is best left out when packing your honeymoon luggage? If yes, then share them with us.

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