9 Ways To Get Fit Before Your Wedding

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Getting fit or fitter isn’t just about zealously following a workout plan- it’s also about loving what you do and tweaking your lifestyle in small but effective ways. So, what are our top 9 ways to help you get fit before the wedding? Be prepared to be impressed:

Control your hunger pangs– No, we don’t want you to go on a liquid diet or any kind of diet that isn’t prescribed for you, but reaching out for a snack every time you feel a hunger pang will add on the kilos. Be smart and eat smaller meals throughout the day so that you are hangry less and full more.

Cut down on sugar- Sugar is a sweet enemy to have and other than adding to your daily calorie count and waistline, it doesn’t give your body any nutrients. Working off just one pastry helping takes at least 45 minutes and you’ll find that you’ll have more energy for life once you minimise your sugar intake.

Have a Cheat Day– Hey, we girls love our burgers and shakes and there’s no harm in having one cheat day a week. It’ll even help you follow your diet better. But, don’t over indulge on other days or it will ruin your get fit plan.

 Mix up Your Workouts– Working out should be fun and not a tedious monotonous ‘must-do’ on your list. Sign up for salsa classes, enjoy a Zumba workout or even try belly dancing- there are so many great alternatives to the gym around you.

Have a Workout Buddy- No matter how motivated you are, chances are that you will find yourself feeling lazy and slacking every now and then. But with a workout out buddy in tow to keep you mentally and physically charged, your plan to get fit will become much easier to practice.

Avoid Late Nights- Ok, so what does late nights have to do with getting into shape? Well, when you have a late night, it throws your body’s natural rhythm and body clock out of gear and that in turn disturbs your sleep and rest. Enjoy your weekend night outs but stick to a fixed bedtime routine otherwise.

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No to Alcohol- Should you say no to alcohol entirely? No, it’s fine to enjoy a peg or two every now and then as long as you work off the extra calories the following day. But, don’t make drinking your favourite cocktail a daily habit.

Get Inspired- We all need little bursts of inspiration on how to get fit and to stay in shape just before the big day and that’s why you just might find your inspiration online. Check out YouTube videos on brides before they lost weight and after they lost weight and you’ll realise that you too can look every bit as sexy and healthy as you want!

Throw Stress Out- You don’t need to stress out about how you will look in your wedding finery because we know you will simply dazzle. Wedding planning is stressful as it is and the lesser you worry about the little things in life, the faster you will get into shape.

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