20 Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

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Count the times you have dreamed of waking up to a slimmer you. Count the times you thought of joining a gym or starting a rigorous diet plan but failed . And between those dreams and determinations, your wedding is here, knocking right at your doorstep. Guess what? You’ve got very little time to shed those extra kilos! Now, as you are reading this, we can guess you have already pushed the panic button. Worry no more! Neither you need a Genie nor do you need a magic wand to turn you into a Disney princess in the blink of an eye. All you need to do is to follow these simple 20 tips to lose weight quickly.

20 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Fast

1. Cut the calories

Maybe, you have heard it a thousand times, but, still, we would like to say it again. The first and foremost step towards losing weight fast is cutting your calorie intake short. Take a measurement cup and take food in small portions. If required, get a calorie chart and follow it. Just remember that dieting is not fasting exactly. It’s about giving your body just what it needs to function properly. Eat 4-6 small though nutritious meals.

2. Increase your water intake

Embrace re-hydration therapy for faster weight loss. Since our body tends to confuse thirst for hunger, drinking lots of water throughout the day can keep the hunger at bay. Besides plain water, you can sip on sugar-free juices and soups too. Just make sure, your body is getting enough fluids.

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3. Fruits and vegetables

Lots of it. The more the merrier. High in fiber and antioxidants should be your first preference.

4. Develop these habits

All the tips to lose weight quickly will fall flat if you don’t learn to control your appetite, control your impulsive grocery shopping and your love for fast food items.

5. Say hello to home-cooked food

Yes, you can never go wrong with Ma ka haat ka khana.

6. Break your fast well

Have your breakfast within one hour of waking up. Make your breakfast the heaviest of all the meals and your body glucose level will take care of the rest of the things.

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7. Go low on salt

Trust us, you don’t have to be sick or suffering from high blood pressure to embrace a salt-restricted diet. It’s equally important to lose weight quickly too.

8. Take care of stress

Anxiety, depression, stress etc do not only leave wrinkles on your face and body, it indirectly shoots up your weight gain, too. How? Well, when in pain or grief or anxiety, human beings tend to find solace in foods which trigger the happy feelings. Don’t make this mistake of making foods your stress manager.

9. Take a quick healthy vacation

Possibly, a high altitude trekking trip. This will reduce stress and you will come back rejuvenated!

10. Walk

They say, walking at least 10,000 steps a day can give you amazing results in the form of toned body. You might ask how to measure 10,000 steps? Simple: grab a pedometer or fitness smartwatch. If you’re doing everything right to go slimmer, but, not walking, you are not doing it right at all. So, if you want great tips to lose weight faster, walk.

11. Say goodbye to sodas and cold drinks

At all cost, say No to all sort of cold drinks and sodas till your wedding date. Otherwise, it will just jeopardize all your efforts.

12. Be patient and diligent

You might have read thousands of tips to lose weight quickly, but, the point is- how long you can stick to your routine and goals? Yes, not giving up is the key to success when it’s about fitness.

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13. Sleep well

Did you know that having a sound sleep can be your key to a slim figure? Yes, scientists have found that sleep affects weight gain. When you sleep peacefully, your body rejuvenates and purifies itself leading to a healthier and fitter system.

14. Change your eating patterns

Our body is programmed in a way that it sends out signals which we fail to decipher. To understand the signals correctly, start developing a few simple habits. Eat slowly and mindfully. Once you are full, stop eating immediately. Forget your usual excuses: “The food tastes awesome, so I have to finish it.” or “I’ve been taught to leave no food on the plate.” Take smaller portions and do not let people force you into eating.

15. Include superfoods to your diet

Superfoods are Alkaline foods which are high on pH level. pH level helps getting rid of the extra fat in the body besides preventing arthritis, cancer and other serious ailments. Some of the easy-to-get superfoods are apples, strawberry, broccoli, almond and pumpkin. At the same time, stay away from acidic foods like cheese, meat, noodles, ice cream for the time being.

16. Detoxify your system

As you are putting so much effort to lose weight fast, it is of utmost important to maintain a clean body. Cleanse your vital organs – liver and colon. Cleansing your organs will remove the harmful toxins fro your system and make it stronger. Learn how to do a bridal detox here.

17. Understand good fats and bad fats

Well, it may sound confusing, but, yes, there are two types of fat – good and bad. And, believe it or not, you need to eat good fat to lose bad fat. Sounds weird? Take this. Olive oil, walnuts, peanut butter, ghee etc are good fats which you must not cut off from your diet chart. The rest of the fats? Remove them from your pantry for the time being.

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18. Stay away from fitness gimmicks

More than your bad fats and worse office hours, blame the internet gimmicks and fads for your weight gain. Clearly, they do more harm than good. So, no matter how super-short-but-highly-promising the diet pills or fitness plans look like, it’d be wise not to buy these ideas. Instead, talk to a professional fitness expert if deemed needed.

19. Weigh yourself everyday

While some fitness junkies would say this a not-so-good idea, but, according to the health experts, checking your weight every day can be a good way to lose weight in the long run. Just promise to yourself that you would not be affected by the initial slow progress.

20. Believe that you can

Last but the most important part of your entire quick-weight-loss program is believing in yourself, believing that you can go there. Once that’s done, you are halfway through it.

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