Author: Sanjana George

‘Mukuthi’- An Elegant Piece of Jewellery for Chettiar brides

The 'mukuthi' or a nose-ring is a must-have for a South Indian bride. But did you know wearing a nose-ring is also advocated by science?

Red & Yellow: Two auspicious colours for an Indian wedding

Why are red and yellow a must for Indian weddings?

Tissue Sarees- For the young at heart

Hate wearing heavy sarees? Opt for Tissue instead!

Traditional Kerala Sarees – Classy yet Youthful

Kerala sarees add that dash of elegance merged with class on any bride.

Manthrakodi – A significant symbol of a new beginning

Manthrakodi- A symbol of new beginnings for Syrian Christian brides

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees – A Touch of Elegance

Kanjeevaram silks as bridal attire. Take a glance at the saree collection of any South Indian woman in India and chances are that you will come across at...

Bunt Pre-Wedding Hindu Ceremonies

The Bunts, who were once famed for their feats on the battlefield, have unique wedding rituals which have stayed true to their rich heritage.