Real Indian Wedding: A Beautiful Wedding in Shimla

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We have been discussing North Indian honeymoon locations where we covered Shimla recently. Quite coincidentally we received this beautiful real wedding in Shimla having  multi-day celebrations culminating in a traditional Hindu ceremony accompanied by some rather energetic dancing (as the pictures will show you). Photographer Rohan Mishra and his team  beautifully captured all the events as they occurred.  Here is more about the couple and the celebration from Rohan:

” It was  real fun shooting with Pallavi & Ashish for their pre-wedding & wedding photo shoot.”

Black&white Indian wedding photography Indian bridal Mehendi ceremony

Wedding Location:

  •   Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

How the couple met: Pallavi was looking forward to a new chapter in her life as she left for Bangalore and quit her first job. Accenture ‘college to corporate’ training was the time when she met new people, made great friends and was having the time of her life. This was  where she met Ashish- a smart, witty and intelligent guy. They were opinionated, had myriad ideas and thoughts and debated on anything and everything. She became defensive around him and he seemed to ignore her. Amidst those rifts , they became great friends.

Indian wedding couple-first dance

Indian wedding dance

fun in Indian wedding Sangeet

Kanyadaan-Indian wedding ritual

Their first date: Their first date was what they call a “date by chance” as that would be the most appropriate description. They saw the movie Hurt Locker, sat on the first row, had the ‘worst’ pizza ever; but still describe it as the most fun evening. Since then, randomness has  been their driving force. They wake up to nothing and always end up doing something crazy!

Overtime they became  great friends and realised they had to spend their life together. (No doubts whatsoever)… And that’s why strangely, there was never a ‘ “Will you be my mine ?” proposal moment‘. Till date she teases him about it and asks him to propose her to which he replies “I’ve happily taken us for granted”!


Indian wedding engagement

Why Rohan Mishra Photography? It all started when Pallavi was browsing through a friend’s wedding album and wondering if she should opt for a candid photographer…a tough decision since she did not want those cheesy posed for shots… After going through a plethora of photographer portfolios, quotes and pictures, Pallavi & Ashish contacted Rohan and instantly decided to go with them.

Indian wedding ritual Bidaai ceremony Indian bride's parents Varmalaa-Indian wedding

Where did the bride and groom shop ?

Frontier Raaz, Narayans, Roop Sarees- Delhi

Bawri– Bombay

Indian bride

The bride’s makeup artist

Shivani Goyal, Shimla


[email protected]


  • Wedding Venue:

Hotel Peterhoff Shimla

  • Engagement Venue:

Hotel Marina


  • Where did they go for their honeymoon?

Bali, Indonesia

Sindoor-Indian real wedding

 All images courtesy of Rohan Mishra.

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