The Everything Guide to Planning Outdoor Indian Weddings

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Outdoor Indian weddings are quite popular these days and there is nothing new about them really. Many couples choose to tie the knot in the bride or groom’s parents’ backyard, garden or even in banquet halls offering the facilities for an outdoor party or reception.

A common misconception regarding outdoor Indian weddings is that they are primarily the domain of the daring couples or the financially limited families. However, this thought is changing: modern wedding guests know that outdoor Indian weddings can be every bit as luxurious and elegant as weddings held in palaces, forts or five-star hotels. Today, outdoor Indian weddings are selected not just for their uniqueness but also for the couples’ love and reverence for nature and its beauty.

Who chooses outdoor Indian weddings?


It is not just couples who love hiking, trekking etc that are choosing to get married outdoors. In fact: research has shown that couples in the western countries who choose to tie the knot outdoors are a diverse lot. They do have one thing in common, though: they all want a unique wedding which they are confident of carrying out with great style and panache.

Naturally, couples must not choose to go this route just because they want to do something different than their friends and family members. They should also be passionate about the place they choose to get married in and be willing to shoulder the difficulties that are likely to arise when planning outdoor weddings. Still, with the help of experienced wedding planners that are experts in outdoor Indian wedding planning, there is no reason why one cannot have a flawlessly beautiful ceremony!

Outdoor Indian weddings are also perfect for couples looking to have nontraditional or informal ceremonies. They are particularly recommended for couples belonging to different cultures or communities. This is because; outdoor Indian weddings are a great way of bringing families of different faiths together, as relatives and guests visibly relax in scenic outdoor locales having a garden or a gorgeous beach overlooking the ocean.

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Benefits of planning outdoor Indian weddings

  • Couples can plan a great pre or post wedding photo shoot in the chosen outdoor location. The crystal clear ocean, endless blue skies, lush foliage, and/or golden sands all provide a perfect backdrop for an amazing photo shoot.
  • Couples can choose to get married under a romantic gazebo or a pavilion that can be decorated according to a central theme. Many tent suppliers in the chosen destination can also help decorate the outdoor wedding venue in chosen wedding colors.
  • Outdoor Indian weddings give couples and their wedding guests a chance to enjoy the cool breeze and warm sun.
  • Many beach resorts offer great packages for outdoor weddings. Couples and their families can receive unbelievable discounts or offers such as free dinner for two when they book their outdoor Indian weddings on a particular date/season.
  • Many resorts and spas with the outdoor wedding facility offer fine dining options for the wedding party. You can choose to dine outdoors in buffet style or in a fine indoor seating arrangement. You can even choose to have a poolside buffet for quick bites or cocktails. Couples and guests can also avail of various relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments whilst there.
  • Luxurious beach wedding resorts also offer activities like parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving etc for sporty couples/guests.






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