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hottest 2018 fitness trends

8 Hottest 2018 Fitness Trends

So, you’re bored with your regular gym sessions and yet you really want to knock off those few pounds that just won’t budge. You’ve tried dieting and intermittent...

lipstick trends

6 Lipstick Trends for 2018

Did you know that the type of lipstick you wear on your wedding day can make a world of difference to your overall look? Here's look at...

weight loss plateau

7 Tips To Break Your Weight Loss Plateau

If you're worried that your weight which you have been trying to shed for months isnt budging, then we have a few great tips for you.

skin unfriendly foods

7 Skin Unfriendly Foods Brides Must Avoid

Which are the skin unfriendly foods that your skin will thank you to stay away from? We have the top 7 listed and explained for you.

super foods for Indian brides and grooms to be for weight loss

Top 5 Indian Foods For Brides and Grooms to Get in Shape

With everything extravagant and elaborate, an Indian wedding is rightly called the “Big Fat Indian Wedding”. When it comes to other preparations like jewellery, food, clothes, décor etc....

long hair tips for brides

Want Healthy Long Hair? Read Our 8 Bridal Tips

Ever wondered what the beauty secrets to having long hair might be? We have 8 such secrets to share with you so that you look awesome on your...

how to get stains off nails

10 Tips to Get Yellow Stains off Your Fingernails

Fingernails can turn yellowish for a lot of reasons. Using too much dark nail paints and fungal infections top the reasons. But if you try these remedies, you...