2014 Wedding Cake Trends

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Wedding cakes deserve all the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ that they often get from wedding guests and this year, we dish out the hot favourites that are certain to be seen at weddings everywhere! And if you thought that we were going to suggest fancier fondant cakes that are too beautiful to dig into, then you couldn’t be more wrong. So, get ready to smack your lips as you go through our list of 2014 wedding cake ideas:



Ombré Cakes: They are oh so pretty to look at and are gorgeous not just on the outside but also on the inside as well. These cakes usually have a minimum of two tiers with the option of adding more layers if the couple choose to. Plus, when you cut a slice of this cake, you’ll find that each layer has a different shade as well! As, we told you in our previous article on 2014 wedding trends, pastel shades are so in vogue right now and a delightful cake like this would match perfectly with a blush bridal gown too.




Ruffles & Glitter: For those who like a fairly simple yet attractive looking cake, why not go for a ruffled layered cake? These hot 2014 wedding cakes look both delicious and feminine at the same time. If, you would like to infuse some party spirit in each slice as well, then say yes to a white or cream frosted cake that’s sprinkled with gold dust. White and gold as we’ve mentioned earlier are a really hot colour combination for weddings this year.




Naked Cakes: How we love the idea of a cake that’s devoid of any frosting or decoration and which can be seen clearly for what it is! The idea of a naked cake, we’re sure will appeal to any couple looking for a cake that doesn’t compromise on flavour and yet which looks like it’s come straight out from the kitchen oven. That’s also another reason why couples who opt for a garden wedding, a barn styled wedding or even a rustic themed wedding are likely to opt for this 2014 wedding cake surprise.



2014 is also the year to really play around with textures and flavours. So, it’s a good time to sit down with your wedding cake baker or supplier and to ask them to either create a new flavour for you based on your suggestions or to come up with playful contrasts like peppermint and coffee or mango and chocolate.














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