How To Handle Pre-Wedding Jitters

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As your wedding day draws near, it’s only natural for certain high end emotions like anxiety and nervousness to creep in slowly. No doubt, you will be flooded with tips and advice on how to stay calm, how to ensure your skin is in the best of health and perhaps also receive a book or two on what to expect from married life. Pre-wedding jitters are oh-so-normal, but the manner in which you deal with them will lay the foundation for how you feel from within when you say your wedding vows. Here are a few easy to follow tips that will help calm any inner demons:


Swap coffee for Green Tea: It’s true that coffee acts as a great stimulant but when you need to feel calm and relaxed, green tea is your best and safest bet. Add to that its proven weight-loss enhancing and mind relaxing antioxidants which pack a powerful punch, and you are guaranteed to feel the difference within just a few days. We suggest drinking 3 – 4 cups a day and adding mint or lemon as natural flavour enhancers.




Try Chamomile: Chamomile is use quite often used as a flavour enhancer in green tea and is believed to help calm the mind naturally. In fact, chamomile can also be brewed as an herbal tea and has been proven to boost immunity, reduce anxiety, improve emotional health and reduce depression. If you find that pre-wedding jitters is keeping you awake at night, just take chamomile supplements or a few sips of chamomile tea and its mild sedative properties will ensure you have sweet dreams for company.




Time to Work-Out: Exercise has long been believed to be a great mood enhancer and helps boost one’s overall well-being. If you find the normal gym routine boring, then why not try some fun classes like Taekwondo, Salsa or even Bollywood dancing? Working out to stay fit does not have to be a tiresome clockwork routine and as long as you are enjoying your classes, you’ll get to make new friends and feel sexier too as an added bonus.




 Have a Social Life: Yes, your wedding day is drawing near but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t meet up with friends, watch a movie with the gang or try out a new adventurous activity alone. Maintaining an active social life goes a long way in reducing the stress associated with a new journey ahead and can help you tackle pre-wedding jitters much more effectively.

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