Fun Wedding Ideas For 2015: Part 3

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A growing trend we’ve noticed is that, like it or not, social media does play a big role in weddings. Couples create exclusive Facebook wedding pages, happily share candid photographs of private moments and even guests don’t mind putting up a photo or two. We have included a tip on social media as well in this article, simply because ‘sharing’ can be a lot of fun!



Social Media Snaps: Not every newlywed couple is thrilled about wedding pictures creeping up on social media sites for understandable reasons (it may have to do with the fact that quite often it’s the ‘un’professionally captured moments that hog all the limelight vs the photographer endorsed ones) and if you and your partner fall into this category, then it would be wise to request your guests to refrain from clicking away on their smart gadgets during and after the ceremony. On the other hand, many couples encourage guests to take photographs whenever they please so that they have a whole collection of digital moments to remember the occasion by. If you don’t mind your guests uploading photos to social media sites whilst the ceremony is going on, then let them know!



Pre-wedding Photo Albums/Videos: How about creating a photo album with you and your partner a few weeks or just a few days before the wedding? One that beautifully captures the bond that the two of you share and one which is shot at an exclusive location? Or does the idea of a pre-wedding video get you excited? You get to be the director, write your own script and star in it with your partner. The themes that couples from all over India are currently experimenting with range from vintage love stories, to travel based themes and even superhero ones. And why not? It adds a huge element of fun, is so unconventional and most importantly, gives you a real chance to work with your partner first-hand before the actual partnership begins. If you and your partner don’t mind a ribbing or two, then your fun wedding is the right venue to display this photo album or to play your pre-wedding video. It’ll win your guests over!


Going Vintage: We all have movies like ‘The Great Gatsby’ to thank for the sudden explosion in vintage themes for fun weddings and also for svelte designs and cuts that the fashion world has brought back. For a long time, modern was in and now it looks like rustic or vintage may be here to stay. In fact, wedding experts say that 2015 will see more fun weddings that are very informal and which are understated yet classy. If a colourful Indian wedding is more to your liking, then there’s no reason why you have to make the switch to vintage, but hints of a beautiful classy gone by can be highlighted in your decor and even in your return gifts.

Stay tuned for more fun wedding 2015 ideas.

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