Save Time And Money by E-Planning Your Wedding – We Tell You How!

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When it comes to planning an Indian wedding, there are hundreds if not thousands of decisions to make and several thousand options to choose from. With so many possibilities, where do you start? What do you do for inspiration? How do you get the advice to specific questions?  This is where e-planning a wedding comes into the picture. Online Wedding portals can be your all-purpose, one-stop shop to planning the complete Indian wedding. Our portal is loaded with articles, pictures, inspirational real wedding stories and literally everything brides, grooms and their families might need.

Have a question? Then simply log on to  our forums and ask it there. Or browse through our blog or photo galleries to get ideas about Lehengas, saris, makeup or bridal hairstyles to help you select and complete your look on the wedding day. Next, you can visit the directories to find local vendors, Indian wedding photographers, wedding planners and all other suppliers and tools to help you get the wedding of your dreams.


What does the term ‘wedding portal’ mean, exactly?

Think of our wedding portal as your starting point to your e-wedding planning session. It is your gateway to all other online wedding resources. Our site is well stocked with articles, planning tools, forums and more and is a great place for browsing for ideas, information etc. Use the portals’ search function to find discussions or ideas regarding wedding venues, honeymoon destinations, popular wedding themes and colors etc for specific advice you need.

Exchange Information with fellow brides

Perhaps the best part of  this online wedding portal is that you will find many other people like you: other brides, families or even couples looking to plan their wedding. Only a fellow bride or a groom will understand exactly the plethora of emotions you are undergoing: excitement, apprehension, excitement and so on.  So you can ‘chat’ with other brides/grooms on these forums–a great way to vent out all those feelings. Our site also offers you the convenience of easy information and advice all the while learning about the best vendors in your city. And the best part of all this is you can do all this from the comforts of your home. You can choose a vendor and then ask other bride/s who might have used that vendor to determine how their experience was with them.

How can our wedding portal save you time and money?


  • Our e-wedding portal is like an online marketplaces. You can save time by browsing or short listing wedding bridal designs, invitation cards and so on. It is a one stop place for window shopping for all your wedding needs.
  • You can get an idea of the competitive rates.
  • You can read reviews, compare them and arrive at a decision.
  • You need not browse through hundreds of sites but quickly zero in on specific vendors and choose the best fit.

In short: our wedding portal is  a wealth of information rich with ideas, suggestions and advice to get you in touch with local vendors and professional wedding consultants as well as like minded brides.

 Images via CC Commons Main Image: Clicksunlimited Photography

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