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Deepika adorning a gajra

‘Kajra lagake gajra sajake’…goes the popular hindi number from the famous bollywood hit movie Apna Desh, starring Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaj. The humble gajra has come a long way since then and is nowadays a style statement adorned by brides all over India. A simple gajra made up of jasmine or mogra flowers adds to the ethereal beauty of the typical Indian bride. No doubt its popularity has risen over the years. With yesteryears actresses like Sridevi and Jayaprada popularising it in the late 80’s it is a much sought after accessory today because of its elegance and traditional appeal. A Gajra can up your Style quotient.
Bollywood beauties have played a major role in popularising the gajras. Divas like Sonam Kapur, Shilpa Shettey Kundra , Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone have glamorised this look in the movies and even taken it on the red carpet abroad. A gajra bedecked bride looks appealing and adds a traditional charm to her beauty.

fresh flower gajra

Garjas worn by the bride on her wedding day are generally made up of jasmine, chameli, mogra or rose buds. With innovations in their use, the gajras have found a permanent place in the wedding trousseau of a bride. We bring you some of the innovative ways to glam up your hair style and make it look classy.


  • Jasmine flowers strung on a thread and tied on a long braid appear elaborate and flamboyant. The floral fragrance of these gajras makes this hair accessory very appealing.
  • A long braid with closely knit flowers gives you a very elegant look. It can be also be coupled with tiny pearls and colourful beads to give it a trendy look.

Gajra on a braid



  • You can also tie the gajra around your bun and a braid with flowers.
  • For a more elegant look, a side floral arrangement on the bun also ups the glam quotient.
  • Gajras along with some hair accessories and bling gives a trendy look keeping up with the current trend.
  • Gajras are, at times, tied around the waist in Ssouth Indian weddings for auspicious reasons.

Marigold gajra



  • You can also pin several gajra strands together and leave the ends loose. This will add up to your overall charm.
  • A multicoloured floral arrangement will make you look glamorous.
  • Be it your wedding day, traditional festival or some special occasions accessorize your hair with flowers and look different every time.

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