Editor’s Pick: Top 7 Women’s Perfumes For The Indian Bride

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The perfume you wear on your D-day is going to trigger memories of the special occasion for years to come. Naturally, you would want to buy the one that lasts for a long time, suits your personality and is a fragrance you love.

Fragrances fall into four categories: woody, floral, spicy and fresh. It is a good idea to try out several different brands but make sure that you do not try out more than three at a time as the human nose tends to get de-sensitized after a while. Experts recommend taking a break and smelling something else (like coffee beans etc) to clear the nose off any lingering perfumes.

Check out our top seven picks of perfumes for the modern Indian bride. (These have been rated based on their popularity on top online retail outlet sites.)

David cool off water

1)      Davidoff Cool Water Woman– This is considered the icon among fragrances. It has an enticing floral fragrance that is ideal for all your wedding occasions.


2)      Louis Armand Talisman De Chance Eau de perfume– Known as the fragrance of ‘essence of serendipity’, this perfume comes in a very cute bottle as well. Users have described the scent as fruity-floral and musk-like. (Top notes Peach, Plum, Orange, Mandarin, Rosewood, Neroli and heart notes Gardenia, Acacia, Blackcurrant).

elizabeth arden green tea

3)      Elizabeth Arden Green Tea– This relaxing natural perfume is sure to make you feel lively and feminine all through your big day. The top note of the Green tea is fruity with caraway, lemon and bergamot. The heart note is floral with sweet jasmine, carnation and green tea while the base notes are musk, oak moss and amber.


4)      Versace Bright Crystal Eau De Toilet– Bright and effervescent, this is sure to be a top favorite among brides. The succulent top notes open with sweet and bitter hints of pomegranates and finish with base notes of amber and mahogany. The soothing and feminine fragrance is perfect for brides looking to leave an enchanting fragrance behind them!


5)      Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Eau De Perfume– This is the signature scent of the bride looking to portray innocence and femininity. The top notes are fruity and floral with Lychee, Guava, Pomegranate Flower and the basal notes are Musk, Rosewood, and Raspberry Cashmere.


6)      Burberry weekend EAU DE PARFUM– A luscious combination of fruits, flowers and woods, this perfume has an undying effect- perfect for your Mehendi, Sangeet, or reception. One dab is all you need for long lasting fragrance.

Ralph Lauren Romance Eau De Parfum

7)      Ralph Lauren Romance Eau De Parfum– This sleek, seductive and intimately woody, floral and musky combination is sure help every bride create lasting memories of her wedding day.

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