Tips on Planning a Destination Wedding

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There’s something very romantic about getting married to the person you love in an exotic place. Destination weddings are really ‘in’ and such a wedding can be very expensive of course, but if you truly want to keep the celebration a private one, then there’s nothing like heading to another city or country altogether to say ‘I Do’. Besides, it also allows your guests to enjoy a short vacation as well.


If you are keen on having a dream destination wedding which you can proudly talk about for years to come, here’s what you need to remember while making your plans:



Picking the right location

It’s not as easy as it may sound because you have to bear in mind that all your immediate family members and friends should also be able to travel to the city or country you choose. Unless you feel generous enough to foot everybody’s travel expenses, pick a wedding venue which all your guests will find affordable. In addition, it would be helpful if you could make individual travel plans with details such as the available flights to your wedding destination, estimated travel budget, travel time from the airport to the location etc for each guest.



Do your research

A wedding in Goa or getting married on the Kovalam beach in Kerala may sound divine, but do you know what the weather at your chosen wedding destination would be like on your special day? A lot of couples don’t really look at weather reports during the planning stage but it should be your priority while choosing a destination. This will help you make better arrangements for your guests and if required, you could also make other changes to the itinerary. Take the time to read reviews about wedding destinations from reputed travel sites which could give you more helpful information about your chosen location.


Inform your guests well in advance

Depending upon the destination you choose, you’re likely to find that many hotels and resorts usually take destination wedding bookings a year or more in advance. It’s probably a good idea to send ‘Save the Date’ invitation cards or a proper wedding invite with a few important details at least 8- 9 months in advance of your wedding day. This gives the guests time to plan their trip and also to inform you beforehand if they would be coming or not.


Hire the right wedding planner

You’ll find wedding planners who do specialise in destination weddings and before hiring one, make sure that he or she has planned and conducted weddings at the same destination that you choose. This means that the likelihood of your planner having a tie-up with reputed vendors who offer local services such as catering, logistics or even styling services will be high. He or she may be in a better position to negotiate a good deal for you and most importantly, ensure that your wedding day goes by without a hitch. Such niche wedding planners may be expensive, but it’ll be worth it!


Make your guests comfortable

The comfort of your guests should be top priority, because after all, they have taken a lot of effort to be with you as you begin a new journey in life. Ideally, hiring a pick-up service from the airport for your guests and offering a dedicated concierge service who will serve as a one point of contact for all their needs is important. You could also put together a ‘Welcome’ basket filled with chocolates, toiletries and other handy items with a handwritten note for a more personal touch. Ensure that all your guests are allocated appropriate rooms or suites and are well informed about the ceremonies or other events beforehand and if time permits, you could also organize spa sessions or other classes for them.

As a to-be bride, don’t stress yourself out over the little details but ensure that you are aware of what has been planned and ask your planner to keep you updated about any changes or possible concerns. With careful planning, your dream destination wedding is closer than you think!



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