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We hope you guys liked our first article on how to do your own bit of wedding planning successfully. So as promised we’re back with more tips for the groom only:


Pick your Team- Just like a bride needs her little band of bridesmaids to help her make all those oh- so important decisions about the wedding (does the hot pink lippie work or the fuchsia one?), even grooms need a helping hand when it comes to deciding which colour turban goes best with the midnight blue sherwani. So, enter the merry groomsmen! Putting together the team of groomsmen is one of the more diplomatic tasks at hand that you will have to handle and that’s why it’s important to consider cousins, best friends and even your partner’s male siblings. Ensure that it’s a team of guys who can hang out together without any hang-ups and who can add to the fun and excitement of getting hitched. And remember- don’t hesitate to return the favour when asked!


Invest in Good Gifts- It’s important to pick the perfect thank you gesture for your team of groomsmen. After all, they have kept you company on all your shopping jaunts, have given you great advice and probably even planned a bachelor party for you. You could give them gifts based on a hobby they each like or you could give them all the same thoughtful gift to stay impartial. Whatever you choose, remember to add a handwritten thank you note and also add a few lines on how much that person being a part of your team has meant to you. Without doubt, it helps cement friendships further and if your partner’s sibling is also one of the groomsmen, it lays the foundation for a great long term relationship in the future.


Plan with Her- No, you do not have to do your bit of wedding planning without having some idea about what’s going on as part of the bridal party’s arrangements. Here are a few of the tasks you two could work on together- choosing your honeymoon spot (don’t forget the budget and read this if you need more direction), finalising the flavour of the wedding cake if there is one, putting together a music playlist to be played at the reception and even sharing ideas on the best type of wedding return favours to give the guests. Yes, every bride looks forward to her wedding ring so consider it an investment for life and take her ring shopping so that she can pick something she likes.

Next, we’ll be listing all the little details you should ideally have nothing to do with and a few surprises you could throw in to amp up the wedding fun quotient.

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