Guest Post: Expert Tips For Bridal Apparel Selection

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Wedding planner and blogger, Shubh Das has been in the wedding planning business for over 10 years; he has worked with some of the biggest wedding planners in the country. Currently, he has started blogging as an effective way to reach out to people who are planning to get married in order to share his ideas. He is also holding the position of chief editor for one of the most famous weddingplanner in Kolkata,   Here he gives brides and grooms a few tips for selecting their wedding attire….



No matter how auspicious the day of marriage is or how decoratively has it been described as “the best day of a person’s life”, there is no denying that both the bride and groom remain under immense pressure. Of all the concerns, one of the most important is the right way of presenting themselves before everyone who comes to give them their blessings and congratulate them for a happy and prosperous life together. In many cases, it has been seen that despite the best preparations and smooth accomplishment of the marriage ceremony, the husband and wife are not really happy about the way they were dressed. In the Indian context, these problems are explicitly conspicuous, especially when people from two different ethnic backgrounds are getting married. A few important tips, specifically aimed at solving the problems with wedding attire, can come in handy in this matter:

The three most important steps to quicken the process of finalizing your wedding apparel:



  • Planning: If you are absolutely determined about making your marriage ceremony a memorable one, minus all the negative feelings and impressions, then you must plan carefully and give time to your wardrobe. Naturally, in an Indian wedding, rituals are provided with the highest importance but if you think otherwise and personally come up with novel ideas regarding the best possible dressing options, clearly a newer dimension can be added. Not only your spouse but all the invitees are sure to like these ideas. In this process, may be you will end up inspiring many others who are planning to tie the knot in the near future.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas. Yes! In Indian marriages we often observe the convergence of traditions and conventional ideas but experiments can be successfully executed if you are keen on balancing the extremes of tradition, culture and pop-trends. You may need to visit several online or offline stores or even view the wardrobe of the best fashion designers but in time you will find the exact thing. Despite all your efforts, if you are unsuccessful and dissatisfied, then you can always go in for having your dresses designed from a trusted designer.
  • Always consult your fiancé: Many brides and grooms are under the impression that compared to his/her partners, he/she understands fashion better. Such notions can lead to devastating consequences. The process of consulting your spouse-to-be is easier in a love marriage. In case of arranged marriages, there is nothing to feel disappointed as most of the modern Indian families are liberal enough to allow you to have a talk with your better-half. So, while doing the final shopping feel free to call him/her up and ask for accompaniment. If that is not possible, simply have a word over phone or show him/her your preference, only to have a valuable opinion on the matter.

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A few more tips:

Every one follows the norms, rules and regulation during their marriage ceremony, but that is very much like moving along the flow. There is, of course, no desperate need to try out something different but a little bit of experimentation or constructive efforts won’t hurt anyone; rather you can expect overwhelming support in response to your actions. At the end of the day, it is your wedding and you should enjoy the space to add more to the most cherished event. Why not start with the right, yet experimental attire!

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