Honeymoon in Phillippines? Get Tips From Our Real Bride

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Planning a honeymoon in the Phillipines? Catch some great tips from our real couple  Vijay and Namita :

 Vijay and I love beaches and wanted a romantic getaway that is affordable, exotic yet not too far away from India.  We also did not want to go to a place that every other couple visits, after all; your honeymoon has to be unique. Finally we decided to go to Boracay, a small island in the Philippines.

beautiful Phillipines

Boracay does not have an Airport. The nearest airport is Caticlan. You have to take a 20 minute ferry from Caticlan to get to Boracay. The route we chose was the shortest and fastest with minimum transit time. We flew from Chennai to Bangkok to Manila to Caticlan and then took the ferry to Boracay.

Boracay has 12 beaches. The White Beach is the most famous one with most of the popular establishments lined along the 4km long beach – shopping, spas, hotels, restaurants, bars – you name it and White beach has it. Boracay is undeniably a beautiful place with powdery white sands, long stretch of beach shore, not to mention lots of beautiful people around and of course their great food. Boracay is also famous for being one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation.

We stayed away from the hustle-n-bustle at Bulabog Beach. Bulabog Beach is directly opposite White Beach, on the other side and is the secondary water sports beach destination. It is protected by a great reef making it a great swimming, snorkeling, kite flying and surfing destination. We stayed in a small resort called 7 Stones Boracay. 7 Stones features an outdoor swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, and just ahead of the pool is the beach. A fantastic bar is attached to the pool in case you want to enjoy some drinks while enjoying the great views.

Day 1:

We were very tired on Day 1, we decided to take it easy and relax. The only plan we had was to chill out, have a few drinks and do some shopping. We went shopping at The D’mall. You will find all kinds of shops all along the White beach. Boracay is an island so they have many things made out of shells or stones. Ear rings, necklace, anklets, are very popular among tourists here.  They also have a good collection of beach clothes, shorts, bikinis etc at affordable prices. So if you forget your swim suit, don’t worry; D’mall is there. When you walk along the beach there are a lot of ice cream shops and bars along the way. Boracay has a good way of getting people drunk on the go. They serve cocktails in zip-lock bags which you can hang around your neck so that you can enjoy your drink while you are shopping! Besides that they have some Loco Frio outlets, Philippines First Frozen Crazy Juices & Cocktails on the go. Mochiko ice cream is a must try in Boracay; it is a frozen ice cream dessert, only scoop no cone or cup –  and costs around 70pesos.


mochiko icecream

Day 2

Spa day : We chose the Bella Isa Lavish Couples Package. 4+hours of Spa treatment, which included a full body massage, foot massage, manicure, pedicure and hair spa. The Oceanside drinks where they served us were amazing; mango juice and iced tea are a must try and they will greatly relax you. We even got to see the sunset first hand from a sail boat ride! We rounded off the evening with a romantic three course Candlelight dinner on the beach. Point to note – Vegetarians might face some problem with food in Boracay, they hardly serve any vegetarian food. But if you love seafood – this is paradise! 


On this day we had made sure we would find a restaurant that  serves vegetarian food, else I would definitely starve. We found a Greek restaurant named CYMA which had a lot of variety in vegetarian food. They serve some amazing Tazatziki and a very authentic Saganaki – flaming cheese on a platter with some warm pita bread. They had some great selection of pasta too. CYMA is in D’mall and little difficult to find and easy to miss. So keep a look out and ask the very helpful locals.

 Day 3

Today is was time for some water sports. We went to Station 1 for some amazing rides like Jet Ski,Para sailing, Banana boat and the very scary Fish flying.

water sports

In the evening we went sightseeing to Mt. Luho. Mt. Luho is a small mountain with a viewing tower and walkway. From here you have fantastic views of Bolabog Beach as well as the entire Boracay island. Standing here watching the sunset is marvelous, but the sunrise is even better! In fact, during sunrise, there are hardly any people there on the beach so if you are early riser, do catch the chirping of the birds and the gentle breeze.

We also went to the Puka shell beach. Puka Shell Beach is located in the northern part of Boracay, it’s a quiet beach where there are a lot of beautiful shells that the sea has brought up to the land. Boracay has extremely clean beaches and white sand which makes it even more beautiful. We took a tricycle to get to both the places. Motorized tricycles are quite ubiquitous in Boracay. It is the only transportation available on the island. Alternatively,  you can rent your own 2 wheeler. Boracay does not have any private cars available on the island.

Boracay Final1

If you want to enjoy drinks and dancing  all night, then they have some very good bars and pubs. Cocomangas offers full moon parties, dancing and a special selection of 15 shooters that upon completion…. If you are still standing, you will receive a plaque on the wall and a T-shirt. They also have some good Clubs like Paraw And Azul Bar. We had a lot of fun and both of us cannot wait to go back for another trip to Boracay !!

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