Guest Post: Importance Of Sisters And Friends At Indian Weddings

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This week ( weekend, actually!) we are featuring a guest post from our fellow blogger over at the Crazy Indian Wedding. Here is the Crazy Indian Bride’s take on maids-of-honor and bridesmaids from an Indian point of view:

An Indian Wedding does not have a maid of honor or bridesmaid per se.
 What we do have is a huge group of sisters and crazy friends. 
No, I am not talking about everyone wearing the same clothes and looking symmetrical. However nice it might look in an Christian Wedding, an Indian wedding needs those bright colorful hues. 
For All the fun
 Sisters are way better than brothers at a wedding. They know the right thing to say, the right thing to do. 
They will definitely keep you entertained while you wait for the Baraat. (Brother’s would just end up talking about cricket scores) They are the best to dance with you and for you at the Sangeet. 
Your mom will be extremly busy the whole time, and the last minute fixes and errors will happen no matter what.  
Sisters and friends are the only one that will be with you at your service, you need them!! 
Make sure at least 2 of them know exactly where the emergency kit it and what it has.
Behind the Scene Pictures
You dont always need a candid photographer around. The girls can do a pretty much good job, specially for all the behind the scene moments. Thanks to social networking sites most of us are pretty ok with amature photography.  
Plus more the camera’s the better.
Makeup Fixes
For every tiny thing you cant get off stage and go to the green room.
 On my engagement I got the silvery thing (that’s on top of barfi) stuck on my lipstick, my sisters and friends surrounded me in a circle and helped me remove it on stage! and nobody could see a thing 😉
 Handy Stuff
 You cant carry a purse or clutch at your own wedding, it looks really funny.
 So what to do next..hmm..although every single person you would like to call on you wedding day would anyways meet you there, you still need your phone around. Its a life line.
 You can easily hand it over to your bestest girl.
 This one is actually the best thing your brother can do. 
Get stuff sent to your green room. 
My cousin got married a few months back and we both gorged on 2 huge plates of snacks in the green room with my brother before the Baraat had come.
Admit it you’ll be nervous already why do you want to be hungry along with that. Eating something while sitting on the stage is pretty much a no-no because every eye will be on you and its just very uncomfortable to do so.
Here is a thing you can ask your sisters to do : 
An the engagement-When we finished with the ring exchange and pictures, we were walking among guest, I got my sisters to give me bites of whatever they were eating, this way I got to try almost everything and still didn’t have to hold a paneer tikka in a tissue paper!
Keep the Lehenga looking pretty
They are the ones who will fluff your lehenga before you walk down. They are  also the ones that will hold it up and away  from the dirt/debris.
And a million more things…

 You don’t know what you will need at the last minute, maybe its just a simple chat or a quick bite you need your girls around! Even though we don’t have ‘bridesmaids’ or ‘maid-of-honor’, we have something better…sisters…

‘We hope you enjoyed our guest post from: The Crazy Indian Bride


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