Hair Care Tips for Indian Grooms To Be

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You’d normally associate a wedding day with a beautiful and shy bride. Since times immemorial, a wedding day and its related preparations have been associated with the bride and bride only as well as her pre wedding preparations. However with changing times, grooms have also started focusing on their pre-wedding preparations, their wedding day looks and style. Today, it is not surprising to see  to-be-grooms indulging in spa treatments or  getting salon appointments before their big-day. It is a common sight these days of men getting fancy hair styles, and even facials at salons. While most men succeed in finding the perfect wedding sherwani/suit and other accessories for their wedding day, some still tend to overlook paying attention to their hair. Yes, hair is an important aspect for grooms-to-be to focus on. Just like one’s dress, the hair can make or break one’s  wedding day look. Here are a few pointers for soon to-be grooms to keep in mind while taking care of hair.

–      It is advisable  before beginning any kind of hair related treatment, to identify one’s hair type. Generally there are three types of hair- Normal, Dry and Oily. As far as texture of hair is concerned, men either have straight, wavy or curly hair.

–      Once you know your hair type, it is essential to use only those hair products which are meant for your hair type.

–      It is essential to follow a regular shampooing routine months before the wedding. An ideal way to shampoo your hair is to completely wet them and apply a dollop of shampoo, lather it well, rinse it off completely till the water is clear. Always follow it up with an application of a hair conditioner dedicated to your hair type.

–      During the stress of wedding preparations one might be tempted to take long hot showers but always make sure not to fall for this temptation. Hot showers damage the hair cuticles and make the hair dry and fizzy.

–      After washing your hair, don’t comb your hair immediately; instead detangle your hair with your fingers. Wet hair are susceptible to damage and breakage.

–      Regular trimming of hair is necessary when the wedding day is round the corner. Make it a point to go for a trim every 15 days so that the damaged part of hair gets cut and there is scope for fresh and healthy hair growth.

Indian groom to be hairstyle and hair care

–      We know grooms would want to style their hair for their functions with the help of fancy hair products, but one should not forget the damage the chemicals in these hair products cause. Stay away from blow dryers, hair colours etc.

–      Healthy hair would only shine if it is healthy from within. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Have a balanced diet and include lots of fruits. This would ensure that you don’t have any nutritional deficiency and will help you attain shiny hair.

So, if you keep all the above points in mind then there is very little chance that you would not make an impact on your wedding day!

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