Indian Groom’s Series: Tips For Serving Drinks At A Bachelor Party

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The very word ‘bachelor party’ is usually associated with free- flowing alcohol, finger foods, loud music, partying and in short- having fun all night long. But it’s important to keep something in mind- the party should be about the groom and it’s his preferences and tastes that should be your priority while planning a bachelor party. Here are a few tips from us:

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Assuming that you know the groom really well, it also means that you are well acquainted with what he likes to drink and what he prefers to stay away from. The first rule of the game is to ensure that at no point of the party is the groom forced to take a few sips (especially if he is a teetotaller) because things can go horribly wrong. Even challenging the groom to finish a whole bottle by himself can lead to disastrous consequences that he is certain to regret later.


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Set a budget with regard to what to serve as drinks as well as how much to serve at the bachelor party. If you’re looking to cut costs, the cheapest way to go about it is to purchase cans of beer (assuming that each guest drinks 2- 3) and to serve it chilled. We can’t imagine many guys complaining about that! Or, if you’d like some variety, then stock a few bottles of alcohol and also keep ice cubes, fruit juices and soda handy. Allowing the guests to mix their own drinks takes a load off your shoulders!


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A good way to ensure that everybody has a good time responsibly is to inform guests at the start of the party that their drinks will be limited to 2- 3 servings per person, that is IF you are on a tight budget. And just to sweeten the surprise at the bachelor party, how about acting as a bartender for the night and serving up some really amazing cocktails? Check out sites like and for a shot of inspiration!



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Don’t forget to include a drink or two for guests who may choose not to have any alcohol at all at the bachelor party. Mocktails can be quite healthy and go really well with a variety of finger foods. Sites like and may just surprise you with their lip-smacking recipes.


Most importantly, don’t let the guests drive if they’ve had a few rounds. Write in to us with your suggestions for great bachelor party ideas.



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