Honeymoon in Rajasthan: 10 Things You Must Pack

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Rajasthan- the regal state of the Kings- sets the perfect backdrop for your first ever romantic trip with your beloved. Considered to be one of the finest places to visit in India, Rajasthan offers some of the most exotic experiences to newlywed couples on their honeymoon. An epitome of majestic elegance and romance, Rajasthan intrigues its visitors with its magnificent natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and a world of refined taste. So if you are setting out for a royal honeymoon in the land of Maharajas, then definitely you need to pack these 10 things in your luggage to make it the most unforgettable tour –

1. Sunscreen and umbrella: A must! Whether you and your better half are going out for a heritage tour to the Mahals and forts, or for dune bashing, you will need sunscreen all the time . Umbrellas are also needed for  long walks. Do note that: you are going to be walking A LOT in Rajasthan.

2. Hats and sunglasses: For the same reason of course- the sun. Being a desert area, the sun is extremely hot and bright here. So do cover and protect your eyes from the glare by using shades and hats. Bring 2-3 pairs of sunglasses to match your dresses and occasions.

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3. Cotton clothes: Both light and thick ones are recommended. The days might feel too hot to wear silk or synthetic materials while the nights will be too chilly to wear them as well. Therefore, you will need cotton clothes all the time throughout your honeymoon in Rajasthan. Light, loose clothes are perfect for mornings whereas thick clothes will protect you after the sun goes down.

4. Trendy Jackets: Yes, pick a couple of latest colourful jackets from the fashion stores. Go for matching ones for you and your sweetheart. They are perfect for both Indian and western attires. After all; Rajasthan is a city of vibrancy!

5. Sandals and shoes: Girls, pack the best ones from your sandal collection matching your Indian clothes. Don’t forget to take your jogging shoe for the long walks. Tell your man to pack his tennis/sports shoes as well. Make sure the pairs cover your feet completely.

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6. Scarves and stoles: Bandhni dupatta is quite famous in that region. So, if you do not have one, you can easily purchase some from the local markets as souvenirs. Do carry 2-3 scarves and stoles as well. Scarves will protect your head and face from the sunlight and the stoles can be wrapped around your body whenever you feel the breeze getting mildly colder.

7. Colorful accessories: Beaded chains, necklaces, wrist bands, earrings; artificial jewellery, silver accessories etc. These will ensure a trendy and modern look..

8. Light woolen clothes: The temperatures can drop really fast as the sun sets, so prepare yourself by carrying at least one or two light woolen clothes. If it’s a winter honeymoon, then carry the heavier ones.

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9. Medicine kit: As Rajasthan may not offer a drug store every few kilometers, do carry the basic medicines, pain killers and fever reducers as well as anti emetic, anti diarrhea drugs etc.

10. Camera with wide angle lens: For the best pictures of course!

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