How Long Should I Be Engaged Before Tying the Knot

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So, you have got the ring and the person, but, not the date yet. Now, the only question that remains is “How long should I be engaged before tying the knot?” You have read somewhere online that on an average, most engaged couples take around a year to 15 months before exchanging vows. But, there are also those who get hitched within one month of getting engaged! Which then is the ideal period for being engaged?

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Well, this can be a tricky question for any couple that has just gotten engaged. Of course, you don’t want to rush it, neither do you want push it too far. So, you wonder how long is too long! According to experts, there is actually a sweet spot or, in other words, the perfect time to take the step from engagement to wedding.

How long should I be engaged?

While there is no short limit for getting married, experts say that one must not take more than 18 months after engagement to get married. Because if you stretch it that far, the willingness for marriage starts fading away. Blame it on the inquisitiveness of the mind as it starts asking too many questions, making too many calculations, and over-analyzing everything which is not good for any relationship.

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When you like it…

When you are sure that you’ve found your dream man/woman and you just can’t wait to be with him/her, then go ahead and set the date. But, if you have a particular venue in mind, check with the wedding planners and see if it is available for booking or not. When everything is set, why making a delay?

When you are not ready…

Because you still need time to finish your studies, fulfill a professional commitment, manage the finance or arrange the venue or other logistics. You have certain plans in your mind and you want your wedding to be exactly as you have dreamt. For that, if you have wait a bit longer, you are absolutely okay with it. After all, it’s your wedding!

These days, couples often decide to give their engagement a couple of years to get settled well professionally. So, if you also want your wedding to be a grand Big, Fat Indian wedding and for that you need to save a lot then talk to your partner and plan it accordingly. This is indeed a very wise decision, as it will save you from huge burden of loans.

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When you have cold feet…

But what if you are free from such budget issues or any issues at all, yet getting panic attacks just thinking of marriage? This happens when you delay the wedding a lot more than necessary. If you set your date right after the wedding, possibilities are that you won’t get much time to worry about anything else than your wedding dress and the accessories.

So, if you don’t want your indecisiveness to haunt and taunt your peace of mind, get hitched within a year or two and save yourself from the panic attacks.

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