How to Choose a Wedding Saree – Part 1

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How should a yet- to- be wedding bride choose a wedding saree for her special day? While traditions may require that a bride be dressed a certain way and in certain colours, each Indian woman has her own way of picking up sarees for herself. For instance, some may go by colours, others may drape only those fabrics that suit their body type whereas a few others may pick sarees depending upon the embroidery or designs.


If we had to give you all the available advice with regard to this question, then this would have turned out to be a rather long article to read in a single sitting. We thought it would be easier for you to make an informed and wise choice by focusing on only one parameter one article. So, in order to kick-off this 4 part series, we begin by looking at the best wedding saree options according to heights & body types:

If you’re tall: Tall women look gorgeous in sarees but issues with the length of the saree when draping one are also likely. That’s why Kanjeevaram sarees are always a safe bet for weddings, as they are easy to drape and look truly elegant. If you feel conscious about your height getting more attention than your saree, avoid going for plain shades and choose large prints or a Kanjeevaram with a heavy border. Raw or pure silk sarees are also quite popular with tall women and sit quite nicely when the pallu is draped over one arm. If something trendier is more to your liking, then opt for a saree with delicate hints of lacework and embroidery as such embellishments can really transform your overall look.


If you’re short: Short women have so many options to choose from that selecting just one wedding saree is guaranteed to be a real challenge! Yes, Kanjeevarams would look great on you too but if make sure you go for one with a pastel shade or a narrow border, so that the saree does not take away all the attention from you. Get experimental with lovely georgette, chiffon and silk sarees that can be paired with sexy bare-back blouses and other embroidery work for a truly trendy look.



If you’re plump: There’s this notion that women who are on the healthier side can’t carry off a saree well, but remember, the kind of saree you choose is just half the battle; it’s also your grace and poise that take your overall appearance to a different level altogether. Lightweight sarees such as georgette, crepe and chiffon sarees will make you look elegant and slimmer as the fabric sits closer to the body. Go for one in a dark shade and preferably with a light border so that it does not make you look bulky or chubby.


If you’re skinny: Thank your genes that you get the option to wear a heavy saree such as silk, brocade, tussar or a rich Kanjeevaram, all which help to enhance your slim figure the right way. In fact, if you truly want to go all out and wear something that is heavily embellished, you could do that too! The more the embroidery, designs or larger the print, the more beautiful you will look. Even if, you’d prefer to stick with a tissue or organza saree, which is comparatively lighter in weight, say yes to the right embroidery work and designs.


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