How to Choose a Wedding Saree- Part 3

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Let’s assume that you have more than one wedding ceremony for which you have to put together your trousseau. How do you decide which fabric is ideal for a day time event or if a saree in your favourite colour will look good for a late night party?


We give you some handy tips but remember, if you really want the latest look and to give everybody something more to talk about, staying tuned to new seasonal trends is also important.


For a ceremony during the day: The morning and afternoon time of the day is actually the best time to showcase pastel, muted and otherwise sober colours. But that does not mean that your overall ensemble has to be boring; you could give it a modern twist too. For instance, this season, colours like beige and peach with gold are a favourite with Hindu brides. Our pick for a day ceremony would still be the ever popular Kanjeevaram saree because there are no limits to the endless colour options that are available. The fact that such silks don’t add to a person’s bulk may be another reason why they are so popular with Christian brides. Or you could also go with a muted lace saree which is also a favourite with many Bollywood stars. When teamed up with antique silver jewellery, you are certain to make heads turn. Take care not to go overboard with either your jewellery or your ensemble colours for a day time event.



For a ceremony during the night: There’s a reason why most people go all out when they have to make an appearance at ceremonies held at night. It’s the best time to play around with dark colours and to get really experimental in terms of jewellery, hairstyle and makeup. If you are comfortable with a heavy Mysore or Benares silk, these would still be our first picks, but if looking like a hot party bride is the look you want, then opt for georgette, lace or chiffon sarees. In fact, any dark shaded saree that has plenty of embroidery and other work will stand out effortlessly. Many brides are staying away from the traditional chilli reds and maroons, and opting for other vibrant shades like fuchsia, magenta, royal purple and neon shades.



Designer sarees are making a quiet but strong appearance at many wedding ceremonies throughout South India and there’s a very good reason for that. On one hand, working with a renowned designer ensures that you get a one of a kind bridal attire with a truly unique design and look. Opting for designer wear also gives you the freedom to express what you would like to see yourself in and this also means that the chances of your liking what is designed for you will be higher. Plus, there’s no better way to get people talking than by wearing a creation by an household name in fashion. So, if you truly can afford to splurge, we say go the designer way. Because after all, a wedding is for a lifetime.


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